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Merging with Behind the Scenes…

I’m a fan of minimalist living. Less is more. Truly. Clutter of the mind is just as bad as clutter on a tabletop. Lately, I’ve been struggling with all the cluttering writing tasks that have been consuming my time when … Continue reading

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The Lettuce Myths

Seriously? A blog about lettuce? Yup. It happened because I was trying to write a blog about my bucket list, which morphed into two other blogs. There was no continuity with any of the writing, so I gave up, answering … Continue reading

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Tumbling forward . . .

headlong toward a new semester.  I have hardly begun to touch the various syllabi I need to submit for review in only two weeks.  And in that two weeks, I’ll attend a two-day in-service conference, another day devoted to an … Continue reading

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Summertime, Summertime . . .

The winter was long . . . but fruitful. As I looked over my past resolutions in a previous post, I realize I’m doing well on one hand but not so well on another. What’s good? Actually, it’s GREAT!!!   … Continue reading

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To Blog or Not to Blog – Is that the question?

I’m a torn soul who dances on that thin line between wanting to share what I do and who I am with universal exposure or remain silent, content to share within my known community. Yet, I’m a writer.  I produce words in … Continue reading

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