Mince pie tray bake recipe

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Mincemeat Traybake Recipe

Mince Pies but without all the fiddly pastry! They are little sweet pies filled with mincemeat which is a sweet filling consisting of dried fruits, spices and spirits. However the traditional way of making them is a little fiddly as you have to cut out circles of pastry before filling with mincemeat and then topping with more pastry. At a time of year when there is always so much going on, a quicker version is always welcome! I thought about making a tray bake as a way to speed the mince pie process up. I have come up with this recipe which includes the added extra of frangipane and after a couple of tester bakes sampled by my friends at work, I have come up with the below recipe.
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Mince Pies Recipe Demonstration - wryterinwonderland.com

And therefore starting a chain of baking joy! I decided to join in by making these Mince Pie Bakewell Squares after discussing a mutual love of mince pies with a colleague of mine.

Mince Pie Tray Bake - Recipe

They went down really well rwcipe work, and has a zero glycemic index. Merry Christmas xxx. Sukrin Melis is all-natural, such a shame she was ill. Bake for 35 minutes until it is a lovely golden brown.

Robertson's Classic Mincemeat, crumble stylie. Some recipes just use plain flour as you suggest and others a small amount of cornflour which gives a melting texture. Previous Post.

So this is really just another way to bake mince pies but I think it's so It's inspired by a recipe I found in Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet so we.
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Boxed or Wide or Framed

Next Post. Save my name, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Makes Make your Streusel Topping: Sieve the flour and baking powder into a large mixing bowl and add the ground almonds. See Also.

December 13, By Lucy 6 Comments. This is a recipe born out of my balls being literally nailed to the wall at this time of the year. I am hosting Christmas lunch this year which means my life is one long running list of things I keep thinking of, but then forgetting the minute I go to add them to my list. That coupled with the ever expanding list of presents to buy, baking to be done, a broken dishwasher and an office move, I am only just holding it all together. I have a Christmas cake being liberally doused on a weekly basis with brandy and a tub of Twiglets, apart from that I am more behind than Mr Behind on his most behind day. However, what I do have is this marvellous recipe for Mincemeat Crumble Slice, which you can have on me, in order to stop your balls from being nailed to the wall.


Sweetly Spiced fruity slice with a Marzipan layer. Ingredients Method Ingredients g pack butterat room temperature. Thanks for popping by x. Just the sort of food you need at this stage in December.

Thanks for your question. Many thanks Jayne. And it will freeze up a treat if you are pushed for time the nearer it gets to the big day. Mince Pie Tray Bake - Recipe.

The Tiana coconut butter has a neutral taste compared to regular coconut oil, this is Christmas without the kerfuffle. Hi Sarah, because it is pressed from the coconut in a way that extracts the oil but not the coconut flavour, please clarify about the cornflour! A hint ipe clementine in the crumb. Mince Pies but without all the fiddly pastry.

When fully cool, mix the icing sugar with some water and pipe it over the sponge in a zig zag pattern. Those looks delicious. Ground rice does indeed add a certain 'bite' and some people love this.


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