Shake & bake chicken recipe

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shake & bake chicken recipe

Shake and Bake Chicken Thighs With Parmesan Peas Recipe - NYT Cooking

Chicken pieces are coated with spices, then baked! I sure remember those TV commercials for shake and bake chicken. Years ago, I used this mixture for baked chicken. This copycat recipe for the spice mixture uses ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen! The original shake and bake chicken mix was a packet you could buy to help season chicken or pork.
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How To Make Amazing Shake and Bake Chicken

She really was the perfect spokesperson for anything cooking related back then, because pretty much everyone watched The Brady Bunch. Shake n Bake was all about convenience, and really, what could be simpler.

Crispy Shake N Bake Chicken

If I can, could you tell me how long and what temperature to cook it at. You are ridiculous. It will never be in a hot pan by itself. NOT hydrogenated oil which is actually hydrogenated because it helps it have a longer shelf life but simple canola oil.

Subscribe to the newsletter and never miss a recipe. Still in the oven. Store the remaining Shake and bake in a closed container in the fridge for up to 3 weeks? The taste of the chicken was really, really good.


Great recipe…my husband just had a triple bypass for his heart…he is also allergic to MSG and all of its derivatives. Thank you for the recipe. Cook Time: 20 minutes. I made enough to keep handy in the pantry. Use for chicken and pork?

Site Index Copycat How-To. This is an all natural ingredients and spices mix that has a little secret ingredient! My Rose girl is why I came up with this shake and bake mix. She loves Shake and Bake chicken and the packages at the store have used to have? Stomach sick. Needless to say we avoid it at all costs and we do a lot of label reading. You are going to store it in a sealed jar in the fridge.


Camille August 20, Keyword: chicken, you are cleverness personified. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Register Login. Comments Jen.

That is why vegetable oil is better for cooking on a higher heat, since it has a much higher smoke point. I had all the ingredients and gave it a try. All calories chickne info are based on a third party calculator and are an estimate. Curious to try coating on fish fillets.

My Rose girl is why I came up with this shake and bake mix. Pin Share Tweet. Shaoe just made this but accidentally bought Italian bread crumbs so I omitted the parsley basil and oregano. Makes: 2 cups seasoning.

All calories and info are based on a third party calculator and are only an estimate. Great dinner will definitely use again. I took one package of boneless chicken thighs and coated recippe with the egg wash then threw them in the bag one at a time. Anyway your corn flake idea sounds good.


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