Turkey breakfast sausage patties recipe

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turkey breakfast sausage patties recipe

Turkey Breakfast Sausage Recipe | The Gracious Pantry

In the great breakfast debate between bacon and sausage, bacon was always my first choice. That is, until I started making my own sausage. Think of preparing homemade sausage as a similar process to seasoning and shaping burgers. You start with ground meat, flavor it to your liking, form it into equally-size rounds, cook, and go on your merry way. The main difference between this turkey sausage and turkey burgers is, of course, the size of the patties. Ground turkey and chicken were staples in our fridge. I got my fix of greasy flat-top beef in other places, so when we would enjoy cookout-style cuisine at home, I was all for the leaner handhelds.
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Convenient Breakfast Sausage Patties Meal Prep

Homemade Turkey Breakfast Sausage Recipe

In a medium mixing bowl, mix together all the ingredients. If baking: Use parchment and bake at for about 30 minutes, now I make my own breakfast sausage and will probably never go back to buying them again. Who me. Well, give or take.

With additional writing and editing by Allison Sidhu. I also added half an egg. Fill the mixture with flavors that you love, and wait for the sizzle. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

These homemade Turkey Sausage Patties are extremely flavorful and savory.
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How many calories are in a turkey breakfast sausage?

Maple Blueberry Turkey Sausage Breakfast Patties

I even doubled up the recipe to freeze extras. Double the amounts listed in the recipe? Once I scrambled them all together I put the scramble into the refrigerator. Easy Funnel Cakes. Jackie used 1 tsp kosher salt in hers.

Have you ever taken a look at the ingredients in store-bought breakfast meats, such as sausage patties? Ingredients include pork, water, potassium lactate, salt, spice, sugar, sodium phosphates, dextrose, monosodium glutamate, sodium diacetate, and caramel color. This is a good reminder to always skip the label claims on the front of the package and go straight to the ingredients on packaged food items. Better yet, stick to homemade foods like these Turkey Apple Sausage Patties, made with just a handful of ingredients you probably already have on hand. I always make a double batch of this recipe so that I have plenty to freeze for future meals.


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My food philosophy is to eat seasonal, okay. Whatever your preference is! Well, whole foods and maintain good portion control everything in moderation. Add another ingredient to keep it juicy.


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