Old fashioned fried donut recipe

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old fashioned fried donut recipe

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Printer Friendly Page Cake Doughnuts are fun to make and it never ceases to amaze me how good they taste straight from the deep fryer. This is when their golden brown crust is nice and crisp, yet inside the doughnut is wonderfully soft, almost cake-like in texture hence the name. And if that weren't enough, unlike a lot of things that are deep fried, these Cake Doughnuts store really well. Sometimes I think they are even better after a day, when their crust softens and their flavor really develops. While I often eat them plain especially when freshly made , they are very good with a dusting of powdered or cinnamon sugar. And they become extra special when dipped in a chocolate glaze. This is what you call an Old Fashioned Cake Doughnut.
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Grandma's Old Fashioned Donuts: Classy Cookin' with Chef Stef

Old Fashioned Donuts

Do you live in a very humid area. Comments Dear Lauren, The donuts look soo delicious. Toffee Video. Pinterest Embed code.

Then in under 2 minutes, you have perfect old-fashioned donuts. The baking powder was new. You guys would get along swimmingly. I am so glad you loved them.

Explore other Recipes. I fully intend to make a chocolate variety, which I will happily bring you. Thanks for understanding Ted!

I will reecipe these again. I just made these with my daughter and they were good! Just like the ones you get from the donut shop? Set the mixer to high and mix until the color of the mixture lightens and its volume increases, about two minutes.

In a large bowl mix the sugar, baking powder, salt and nutmeg.
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You totally should have just kept driving. Thank you!!. How do pro-bakers pull this off. Too greasy and most of them fell apart in oil.

United Kingdom. Next time you should try substituting the milk with orange juice for an orange glaze. Your recipe is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. I am sure the light sour cream was a perfectly fine substitute and that was certainly not the problem.

The inside is soft, tender and cakey; and the outside is crispy with a classic sweet glaze. Just like the kind you get at the donut shop! They are easier to mix than cake. They spend a little time in the refrigerator and then you cut them out like cookies. Then they hang out a little longer in the refrigerator. Then in under 2 minutes, you have perfect old-fashioned donuts!


I made them into bars and they turned out pretty ok. Cake Doughnuts:. Gather up dough scraps and re-roll; cut additional doughnuts. The internet is FULL….

Form dough into a ball and roll in flour before rolling it out. Roll to about a half-inch thick. So yummy. Chocolate Apple Cake Video.

And, "donut" is the marketing based spelling. Subscribe Now. Transfer the doughnuts to the lined sheet pan and brush any last bits of flour tecipe of them. I fully intend to make a chocolate variety, which I will happily bring you.

Stop the mixer, add the sour cream, then doing my own food business? The glaze should run down enough to cover the last quarter faashioned the donut. Good to know you can freeze them. I grew up working in restaur.


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