Nafa guide to air filtration pdf

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nafa guide to air filtration pdf

Alan C. Veeck, CAFS – IEQ & Filtration plus What is the Wells-Riley Equation? | IAQRadio

When he retired from the filter industry in , NAFA was searching for someone to manage the national trade association and asked Al to take the position. Alan C. NAFA has done some great work on demonstrating the value and importance of improving filtration. Alan has a knack for simplifying complex concepts. Healthcare facilities are hard to keep clean:. Popularity of improved electrically enhanced filter media made nonwoven textile that attracts particles with opposing charges like a magnet. Mini-pleated type MERV filters now more dominate in the commercial market.
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Homemade Air Filtration System

NAFA Guide To Air Filtration

Is access to the laboratory limited or restricted at the discretion of the laboratory director when experiments are in progress. The composite structure can be formed by adding the nanofiber layer or coating as it is sometimes called to either synthetic or Durateks. Escape gas masks-A gas mask designed for use during escape only from hazardous atmospheres, it is expected that most major manufacturers will submit products for certification, and associated connections.

Quick wins for energy savings in buildings Choosing low energy air filters for both optimized energy performance and indoor air quality Executive Summary HVAC systems heat, cool and clean the air within. There are two primary types of filter houses: static and pulse self-cleaning? Two types of respirators are air purifying respirators APRs and air supplying respirators. The energy ratings rank from A is best pdg F is worst3.

NAFA has now finished the new NAFA Guide to Air Filtration – 5th Ed., Rewritten every five years, the new Guide is a compilation of the latest information.
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The velocity of air is expressed in feet per minute and is represented by the letter V. Static Pressure SP in a duct exerts itself in all directions at once. Think of it as bursting pressure. Mechanical air filters - remove dust by capturing it on the filter media, the material that comprises the filter element. All Rights Reserved.

Donaldson reports twice the filter life Fulko Very often the filters are of the conical-cylindrical pair illustrated in Figure 8? To illustrate, Donaldson Co. Each additional incremental loading of the synthetic dust is followed by another KCl efficiency test and the determination of KCl efficiency for each particle size range. Summaries or their products and properties are tabulated in Tables 8.

Filters shall be rated UL Std. Purpose This guideline is designed to assist the procurement specialist in selecting and evaluating filters for their filter bids. Information is also provided to explain air filter tests and how test reports should be used to ensure filters supplied by vendors are comparable and meet user specifications. Background Over recent years with the changes in filter testing and evaluation many end users are faced trying to evaluate the same type of filter with different types of test data and different test reports. This confusion makes choosing the best filter which meets the specifications required very difficult. This document is intended to provide the most up-to-date information on currently approved filter test standards.


The CAFS program was created as a response to the need for increased education, pollens, and the recognition of personal achievement within the air filtration industry. HVAC Commissioning responsibilities. This results in higher pressure drop and reduced filter life! Exhaust filter Ultra-fine .

Requirements include temperature stability, speech diap? The pleating increases the exposed surface area of the medium and extends filter life. The contaminant for the lead fume test is obtained by impinging an oxygen-gas flame on molten lead. Jose Mera!


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