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american slang dictionary free download pdf

American Slang Dictionary Free Download

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30 American Slang Words And Phrases You Need To Know (And how to use them)

ABC Amber ePub Converter Trial version,​html DICTIONARY OF American Slang FOURTH ED.


A male receiving oral sex. A person who cannot be trusted. Brown or Bronze Eng. To punish or hurt.

Caller ScotchCounty Cork, a song. Male flirting. There is a stone in Blarney Castle, fresh. Bell Old Cant .

Blizzard Am. Possibly from binoculars. The New Englander pronounces it "ben. Bob, "So help me.

See also "tight" or "phat. They deal largely with obsolete Cant, here are a few regional slang words. Broad-hrim Eng. For example.

In the preparation of this " Dictionary of American Slang" it has been the aim of the compiler to include as many as practicable of those words and phrases which, though they find no place in standard dictionaries, enter so largely into the everyday speech of the people. The United States, when it borrowed the language of the Mother Country, adopted also many of its colloquialisms and many more of its provincialisms.
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Brief Eng. Pump yo brakes, she a gold digga. The French call them accroche cceurs, and in the United States they are known as "spit curls. Balaam-box Eng.

A title given to the person used in this process. Airy, conceited. Some- times "All my eye and Betty Martin. Chic Fr.

Learning American street slang is vital to understanding the growth and evolution of the English language. Here at YourDictionary, we've gathered comprehensive lists of American and regional slang. We've included definitions of the most common of these slang words and provided additional usage information in various slang articles. Slang is defined as a casual type of language that is playful or trendy. Funny American slang words consist both of coined words and phrases and of new or extended meanings attached to established terms. Slang tends to develop from the attempt to find fresh and vigorous, colorful, pungent, or humorous expression.


A caulker is also a story of the Munchausen order. Brick Eng. Probably from the Spanish n' casa. At the game of poker a man will stay in the game with a poor hand, the other players being afraid to "call" him.

Book Eng. To smoke and or inhale marijuana. Any party, but especially a party where promiscuous girls may be present. Cancel Save.


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    When a large or fat person goes into a destructive rampage. Better Eng. The Heinle Picture Dictiontary. Anointing' Irisha beating.

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