The book of the bee pdf download

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the book of the bee pdf download

The Secret Life of Bees - PDF Free Download

The Book of the Bee is an historical theological compilation containing numerous Biblical legends. It is written in Syriac. The Book of the Bee is a collection of theological and historical texts compiled by Solomon of Akhlat in the thirteenth century. The book consists of 55 chapters discussing various topics including the creation, heaven and earth, the angels, darkness, paradise, Old Testament patriarchs, New Testament events, lists of kings and patriarchs, and the final day of resurrection. Solomon of Akhlat was a bishop of the Church of the East during the thirteenth century.
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OF the author of 'the Book of the Bee,' the bishop Shelêmôn or Solomon, but very little is known. He was a native of Khilât or Akhlât (in Armenia, at the western.

The Secret Life of Bees

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