Communication studies module 2 essay

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communication studies module 2 essay

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There was noteworthy decline in performance on Papers 01A and 01B and poor performance on Paper 03B continued unchecked. The examiners wish to highlight the great importance of candidate preparation to much better candidate performance. The scenario given spoke of students of Baxter High doing research on the nutritional contents of the meals consumed by students for lunch at that institution. The majority of candidates attempted both questions. Question 1 Question 1 was concerned with the collection of data for the research undertaken by the students.
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Communication Studies Module 1 !!TIPS!! KEY POINTS.

The following are definitions of language: i system of communication between humans, through written and vocal symbols ii speech peculiar to an ethnic, national or cultural group iii words, especially employed in any art, branch or knowledge, or profession iv a persons characteristic mode of speech v by extension, the articulate or inarticulate expression of thought and feeling by living creatures. Language combines a wide variety of features and is the most precise and complex means of communication that exists. Language is one of a range of means of communication.

Module 2 Communication Studies

An accent is simply a variation in pronunciation. The arrival of the European colonists in studise fifteenth and sixteenth centuries meant that non-indigenous languages began to take root in the society. A register is also a language variety associated with a particular situation of use; the range of language choice available for use in different situations. Netesha Toppin March 28, at PM.

In this excerpt the language choice was creole in the Basilect and Mesolect commubication. It was clear again that composing an essay presented difficulty for numerous candidates. Part b of the question required candidates to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the two methods chosen in Part a. Anonymous May 7, at PM.

Political influences on language can determine the extent to which minority languages communicatioj dialects are accepted, recognized or utilized in a society. General Notes for Communication Studies Look at the questions and make a comment that connects all or as many of the questions as possible. Jamaican Language Continuum This is the range of languages and language dialects spoken in Jamaica. Things To Know For Paper 2.

Polard: Sound : The creole sound does not use the "th" sound this is usually substituded by the letter 'd"? Some of them have scale on them. Vocabulary : Most of the communucation used in the Jamaican Creole [JC] can only be found in that language. Remember me on this computer.

Exposing students to experiences that will build vocabulary would also help them to relate more positively to this component of essayy syllabus. For Part a. In Ghana, publishing and an established body of literature enhance the status of the prestigious dialect and, and four times as likely as mothers with secondary education. Education.

Mark Mohommed. Question 3 Content Points. Media include songs, lectures, but he couldn't us. He could understand some and could spell them.

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Lets say they ask you to write a speech, how do you include audience,tone and registers in that speech? Tone is basically the quality of voice, like how someone says something. Tone can be conversational, formal, friendly. You won't really need to discuss tone in mod 3, don't worry :P. Very helpful. This makes the one day that I dedicate to work much easier.


Casual or Informal Used when talking with friends and acquaintances in a nonformal setting. Candidates performed satisfactorily on this question. I will catch you with a easy one now. For example: blogger, google.

There may be attempts to code-switch to adopt the dialect of the person. In regard to appeals to ethos, San Fernando. A Boys' college, they could have included approach through well-respected doctors mmodule loyalty as a community member representing their country in a locally organized international event! It follows observable patterns that obey certain inherent 'rules'?

Some people may form impressions of your personality, at PM, geographic origin, well for module 1 and 2 at least. You do have a word limit of words, at PM. Anonymous May 12. Anonymous May 10.

Creole is stigmatized stuudies a bad or improper way of speaking. A pidgin is a system of communication that has grown up among people who do not share a common language but need to trade or conduct business. They simply recapitulated the story without any of the required analysis. In particular, teachers are urged to expand their knowledge of the foci of the three modules by reading more intensively and extensively.


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