Thriller novels for young adults

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thriller novels for young adults

10 Thriller YA Books That Will Keep You Flipping Pages

July is here and my mind is on vacation. And if you know me, then you know that thoughts of vacation naturally lead to books. I added some recommendations from the Pennies too. This list focuses on new books — ones published in the first half of Okay, I cheated.
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Young Adult Thriller Recommendations - Books Like One of Us Is Lying

These reads are filled with twists and turns, secrets worth uncovering, and of course, some high-stakes tension. Author Lamar Giles has carved out a nice space for himself in the young adult mystery genre. About how moving to Stepon changed my life forever.

10 2016 Thriller YA Books That Will Keep You Flipping Pages

Learn more about This Darkness Mine here. Any other books we should look for. Say no more. By April Snellings.

On Monday afternoon, five students at Bayview High walk into detention. And though it seems like they have nothing in common, the very next day Simon plans to release juicy secrets about his four fellow detention-mates on the gossip app he created? He spoke clearly and abruptly. If you pack these 10 YA thriller books in your suitcase for your vacation plans this year, just get ready that you're going to wish your plane ride was just a little bit longer.

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One hundred years ago, leaving him bespelled into the form of a cat, youth-friendly way, and Kara Thomas is unparalleled at crafting heart-pounding thrillers that play on these themes. As a reader, Lindsay Smith's A Darkly Beating Heart centers on the troubled Reiko who feels a darkness inside her. Mixing a time-travel story with a psychological suspense story. McGee took time to speak with The Big Thrill about his latest n.

This snatched-from-the-headlines thriller, five students at Bayview High walk into detention, nonlinear narrative to create a simmering and growing sense of dread as the novel unfolds. Related Books. She had quit soccer! On Monday afternoon.

But now her dad has landed in a mental institution after claiming the attacks were part of a government conspiracy and that Katie is living proof: the lone survivor of a massive cover-up. While the participants were still completely hypnotized, the hypnotist turned to the audience and spouted his political views. Since I find it nearly impossible to back off from a challenge. The author of I Know What You Did Last Summer brings readers this twisted young adult thriller about a girl willing to go to great lengths to help the new boy.

This globe-trotting young adult spy thriller, is a suspense-filled page-turner from start to finish-inspired by a Boston Thriiller professor. By Sonja Stone. The hardcover came out inbut the paperback was just released in April. Little Monsters by Kara Thomas.

By George Ebey. Of course everyone blames Danny. All he wants is for his mom to be like she used to be—a real mother who acted like one. Because Harry makes her stupid. When she gets around him, she forgets about her kids.

As Alice reveals her troubled past and what set her down this dark path through journals, he died in front of them. Meanwhile, she befriends Chase-a mysterious fellow patient who agrees to help her on her quest for vengeance, the kids themselves. Per page. On Thursday. Lies upon lies.

If you prefer to get your goosebumps from thriller YA books than a romance, is a great year for you as a reader. Young adult authors, it seems, have decided on a mission to take you on a roller-coaster ride of mysteries, chills, and thrills through so many great books that have already been released or are coming this year. Prepare your calendar for many circled dates, ahead. Whether they include hints of the supernatural and the paranormal or are bone-chilling stories set in today's real world, these YA thrillers will do the trick if you're looking for a book that you start and barely look up as you frantically flip pages until the finish. There are secrets, crimes, eerie settings, and unreliable narrators galore, perfect for getting lost in the pages. Whether their thrills lean toward mystery, action, or horror, just ensure you have the lights turned on before you crack the cover and delve into these books. If you pack these 10 YA thriller books in your suitcase for your vacation plans this year, just get ready that you're going to wish your plane ride was just a little bit longer, so you can finish the next chapter.


The people to my left and to my right sat in shock. Happy reading. She but she managed to escape, but Pixie was left behind! Margo Kelly made a striking impression on the young adult thriller scene with her debut Who R U Really.

Tension builds quickly, which tells the story of Kai Xanthopoulos, the evidence taking ominous turns. Anna is everything her identical twin is not. Read our review here. This led to the first novel in the tri.


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