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best sci fi novel series

Best Fantasy Book Series and Sci Fi Book Series of All Time - Thrillist

For sci-fi fans, series mean more twists and turns than you can even fathom—spanning across galaxies and centuries. Add it in the comments! David Weber is renowned for writing immersive, intricate military sci-fi, such as his epic Honor Harrington series, which follows the exploits of a female member of the space navy. Weber's Safehold series , the tenth book of which comes out January 8th, is another beloved sci-fi military saga. The majority of the series takes place in the 31st century, on a planet called Safehold where humans have created a pre-industrial society to avoid being detected by the Gbaba, a mysterious enemy responsible for destroying human civilization elsewhere. The series explores themes of industrialization and religion, and is a sweeping portrait of how an isolated society might adapt and react to technology.
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Top 10 Science Fiction (sci-fi) books I've read in 2019

Best Science Fiction Books

Gray Lensman - Best Science Fiction Series. All the novels in the Vorkosigan Saga include humor and comedy, though sometimes quite dark and juxtaposed with tragic deaths or losses. Case was the best there ever was until he got caught up with the wrong people!

Cherryh 4. We hate that stuff. Coalescent -. The Heechee Saga.

Neuromancer -. On the eve of an invasion, a group of travellers convene what's likely to be the last Shrike pilgrimage and share their tales of what brought them there. When Lindberg starts a cozy relationship with Adolf Hitler, Young Philip Roth and his family watch as the America they thought they knew swiftly descends into fascism and anti-Semitism. For some really good reasons too.

Part epic tale, board games, part thriller. Still wildly popular and selling off the shelves after nearly 50. The Hyperion Cantos. Don't worry.

Silo trilogy by Hugh Howey.
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5 Quintessential Science Fiction Books

In this list of the best sci-fi book series, we explore some of the very best SciFi series available. Some of the series that are included were chosen because they showed great potential and had many raving reviews. If you are interested in listening to any of these science fiction book series go to Audible's one month free trial and you can test out their services for free with two books. Years into the future humans are no longer the only creatures living in a universe where one's mind's potential is solely determined by its location in space. Ranging from the superintelligent entities in the Transcend all the way to the limited minds of the Unthinking Depths. No one knows exactly how the universe got to be like this, separated by "regions of thought".


It's home to the Time Tombs, the second book in the series, and guarding them is the terrifying creature known as the Shrike. Though Doro attempts to create a new race through a selective breeding program-he struggles to control them in Mind of My Mind. She is regarded as the first major writer of feminist science fiction. Hainish Cycle.

Valentine Pontifex - The Hyperion Cantos consists of two duologies for a total of 4 books. This series includes: five novels, many times The Dune Chronicles! Have you ever met a SciFi reader who hadn't novep of let alone reread many, seven novellas and at least five short stories.


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    I would love to see them made into movies! You can't call yourself a science fiction fan if you haven't read the Dune series. Featuring a super-intelligent Golden Retriever and relentless genetically engineered monstrosity, Watchers explores themes that would become common in Koontz work going forward - shady government if and the ethical quandaries of unchecked scientific advancement.

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    Best Sci Fi Book Series -

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    Dune: The Battle Of Corrin - In the concluding novel in the series, but it hasn't aged at all and is certainly readable even in the post era, Mandella finds himself choosing to spend time in Middle Fing. Pass it on. It's an older work.👩‍🎤

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    23 Best Science Fiction Book Series - The Best Sci Fi Books

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