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The Rise of the Shield Hero | Inlitify OA

Also the one who inflicts the punishment is the Queen, who actually holds all the power in the kingdom she was away on a diplomatic mission leaving the King to screw around, and she's a Reasonable Authority Figure. In fact I think that Myne is the only actually evil woman in the entire story. This exactly. Edit: Also, you guys still have a slave master as a MC and one of his love interest is underaged while he's Don't see how you guys can root for him. Edited by Ikedatakeshi on Jan 9th at AM. He explicitly doesn't care about the slave aspect other then paranoia of not wanting to be betrayed again Which is seen as wrong in universe.
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How The Rising of The Shield Hero Anime Fails as an Adaptation - Light Novel VS Anime

Shield Hero

Blog at WordPress. The main series, however. Most of the early chapters no longer work. Ja Like Like.

July 4, at pm. Best bro incoming Like Like. Insert title. Jan 9th at PM Was this the web novel or the light novel.

There a long way to get you turn as a powerhouse'. I just checked, and yes. Keep in mind that depending on your answer we might have to become your enemies. Suggested searches.

Click here and join our YouTube Channel. Click here and join our YouTube Channel Liked it. Jan 8th at PM She's stronger then he is, apparently. I'll give the series props for actually having male characters other than the MC involved in romantic relationships.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero manga/light novels compared to the anime

Not having much luck as of yet. The reason for her suicidal despair at the hands of the Bow Hero was also developed throughout many chapters in manga Volume 11 and the first half of light novel Volume 6. Crunchyroll is directly involved in the production as one of the producers, and streaming revenue has become the most significant factor in the success yuuusha any TV anime series. April 15, at pm.

Isn't this all just punishment for me. All Things Wrong. Cost Coin to skip ad You can get it from the following sources 1. Yuushaa find out more, including how to control cookies.

I was heading towards the castle however, because Firo had already gone ahead, I rode in the carriage provided by the queen and the citizens of the castle town waved at me like I was in the middle of a triumphal return. I waved back with no problems. If this was a few months ago, there wouldn't even be any trash flying around. Speaking of which, after we overcame the first wave, I was glared at as if saying 'why are you there? I'd like to hear the status report. The Spirit Turtle was a state of emergency so everything is in chaos but there should be a lot that they've investigated already.


February 8, at am. November 9. John says:! She also wore a penguin suit.

Considering that The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 began early production at the same time as the second season, the time between seasons may be less than a year. Best bro incoming Like Like! Was this the web novel or the light novel. March 21, at am.

Font Nunito Sans Merriweather? I also hope you continue your work :. There's always the danger of them going on a rampage. What sort of move is this.

Also, the anime seems to be based of the LN also the manga so keep any changes from this or the anime in mind. Motoyasu concentrated all of his power twte lifting my weight off his body, but I continued with my malicious strikes. You are commenting using your Facebook account. July 7.


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