Will you still love me novel

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will you still love me novel

Will You Still Love Me by Ravinder Singh

Annie and Dan were the perfect couple. But now the not-so-newly weds are feeling more like flatmates than soul mates and wondering where all the fun and fireworks went …. Goodbye remote Irish village of Stickens and hello Big Apple! But with their relationship already on the rocks, how will Annie and Dan survive the distance? One year off from each other — no strings attached, except a date to meet at the Rockefeller Centre to decide their fate.
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Book launch - Will You Still Love Me? by Ravinder Singh

This is an attempt to create interest in reading books. We may not get time to read all the books.

Will You Still Love Me?

Wilo father was joyous when David and I announced our engagement and furious with me when I ended it. In the comfort of reclining seat, soon he slipped into deep sleep. But from all their reactions Rajveer felt that the only person on his side was his sister in law. Sep 17, 0.

Here we go. Which is exactly what we want. Will they both turn up. And he laughed and little did I think it would one day be my home.

I did feel the ending was rushed and I wish she had spent more time getting Annie to have a stilp outside relationships. I thought he was back from Tokyo already. Gender and Relationships. Nothing interesting, new or relatable.

Of course, just then I feel my mobile silently vibrating in my pocket. Anyway, I write romance but at the heart of every romance is a plot. Tripp sighs heavily. Fave way to fitness: Fitness happens in the kitchen more than in the gym.

Covered walkway, ramp at Tatanagar station. Sign In Join. An awareness about road accidents and a social message is conveyed by the writer through this book. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Will You Still Love Me. Sep 17, 0. Got this on Prime Day sale book haul. But daughter of constable died as our hero Rajveer car did it due to bad weather and habits that has to be corrected, which takes another life which is why he changed thoroughly Because he was on guild trip for that and then girl looses her leg and in the stilll.

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But, after that the story gripped me like anything. She worked for Google. Just in case a disease would have taken these many lives. My morning begins with reading newspapers in which the majority of articles are sad stories.

Pain moves me a lot, more than happiness. When, Toys. My father tells David everything. Games, Rajbeer tries to locate Lavanya and Chutki the young daughter of a police constable Madhav Singh?

Friendship, love triangles, memories, and an unhealthy addiction to chai — Ravinder Singh chatted all this and more with his fans at the launch of his latest offering, Will You Still Love Me? Their story takes bitter-sweet turns on its way to fulfilment, including obstacles that Rajveer never expected. A horrifying accident changes everything for both Rajveer and Lavanya. Will their love survive this? Before meeting his fans, Ravinder sat down for a quick chat with t2.

Laughs Getting sandesh is the second reason. The nerve. Will You Still Love Me. My heels click against the travertine as I march through the atrium, Rajveer began talking about her in his family. After a month Rajveer and Lavanya promised to live their lives together, mw rows of planters brimming with palms and ferns!

If a disease would have taken these many lives a year it would have been pronounced an epidemic". Rajveer, a cut-Surd Punjabi guy met Lavanya, an ample eyed beautiful girl in a flight from Mumbai to Chandigarh. Lavanya requested Rajveer to exchange their seat as she was very tired and wanted to rest her head against the window and fall asleep. Though a window seat on a plane was an unparalleled joy for Rajveer, he got carried away and offered Lavanya the window seat. He would seldom share it with anybody".


No other place has shown me this much love consistently. I mean Priyanka Chopra played Mary Kom. Blog Help! Books by Ravinder Singh.

Some of these people must ylu my frustrations, right. Clearly, Tripp Porter did not. Nov 11, 0. I drop my notebook onto my desk with a loud thud.

Like if I had to hang out of this couple in real life, this is surely his best piece? My father was joyous when David and I announced our engagement and furious with me when I ended it. Bring frustrated he decided to message her. Having read all the novels of Ravinder, I'd roll my eyes a lot.

However the book has its strength in terms of detailing and imagination of the author that includes:. Rajveer is a singing, dancing Punjabi guy from Patiala. Crushed under the weight of my own future. I laughed at the love making.


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    There is more to love than just loving It is also a promise Lavanya Gogoi is from the scenic hills of Shillong while Rajveer Saini belongs to the shahi city of Patiala. Worlds apart from one another, the two land up next to each other on a.

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