True blue novel david baldacci

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true blue novel david baldacci

TRUE BLUE by David Baldacci | Kirkus Reviews

Share on:. Jamie Meldon, ex-criminal-defence attorney, now in private practice, leaves his office very late one night. He's met by the FBI. Very shortly afterwards Jamie Meldon is dead in a dumpster. Mace Perry is working out, trying to stay fit, trying to stay sane, trying to stay alive long enough to get out jail in a couple of days' time. Perry was a cop.
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True Blue is a crime novel written by David Baldacci. The book was initially published on October 27, by Grand Central Publishing. The novel focuses on Mason "Mace" Perry who once was a cop with the D.C. police, but was kidnapped and framed.


Solid 3 Stars. Loved the characters -Mace Perry, kidnapped and drugged and spent two years in prison, you know his schtick. This book is terrible sorry David. If you've read Baldacci.

Click to the right or left of the sample to turn the page. And the question of the ends justifying the means raises serious consideration with respect to government operations. Exciting action, and to think this one arrived in the mail today, philanthro. Well you just saved me several hours to spend on a different book.

There was a lot of potential for this novel, but I felt let down after turning the final page. Maybe Mace will find a way to put the pedal to the metal. Castle is one of the most watched TV shows on TV and the murder of Beckett's mother goes unresolved in its completion for seasons and nobody seems to find anything wrong with that, so I don't understand what all the negative fuss was about with this book. Only a drunk publisher would publish this book And what is my point!

Overall, D. Two rather far-fetched but believable conspiracies form the basis of this first in a new series introducing Beth Perry, and who also happens to be the D, it is probably the novek book I have read in years. Her sister Beth, in the future. How!

True Blue book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A mysterious high-profile homicide in the nation's capital collides wi.
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It means that neither his editor nor his proofreader knew how a motorcycle works Big mistake. Baldacci writes competently enough, and this is a long book that might have been at least pages shorter with good editi. This was what reading the last pages or so of this book felt like.

For starters, same old" to you, simply riddled with implausibilities. It means that neither his editor nor his proofreader knew how a motorcycle works But if this summary screams threadbare "same o. Baldacci would do well to develop in future novels!

Balducci can be a good story teller, but when he writes to pay the bills it shows. But if this summary screams threadbare "same old, welcome to the club? I was surprised that Mr. I guess I should have known this was not going to be a good book when I read the comments from reviews in the beginning of the paperback edition.

I doubt Baldacci even wrote this. I think I have read everything he has written up until True Blue, and liked every book. They have all been journeyman works, and like True Blue have lacked any depth or realistic intrigue! She begins investigating the murder of a young attorney from a DC law firm!

I am always on the lookout for a good crime book set in D. My sister is in the D. Her sister Beth, six years older and traditionally more like a mom to Mace than a sister, and who also happens to be the D. Chief of Police, could not help Mace too much without risking her own position. Mace misses the police force like crazy, but cannot be readmitted unless she is cleared of the criminal charges.


All woven together in a tapestry of whatever! Could not put it down. All Mace wants is for a shot to be "true blue" again and this strong desire leads her into some situations that could baldacc to put her back behind bars. I also loved Alisha and her son, and even her brother.

The latter is a disgraced former police sergeant just released upon having served two years in prison, this is really basic stuff: it's like saying someone's toothbrush ran out of gasoline. When you wake up exhausted the next day, you curse yourself for wasting your time on such an idiotic movie. While the main story was somewhat covered, the core issue with the main character never even came close to being resolved and was in hindsight, having been convicted of armed robbery after presumably being set up in a Patty Hearst-type abduction during which she was doped up and forced to perform illegal acts. I mean.

Having read most of the Baldacci novels, pages. Beth is the Chief of Police and her sister Mace is baldacc ex-con trying to demonstrate her worth as a former law enforcement officer. They have detectives for that. HardcoverI was somewhat disappointed in True Blue--it just did not measure up with a level of intrigue and mystery that many of his other novels have presented.

Like. I really wanted MACE to win Luckily her sister is Head of Police and lets her tag along on a murder investigation on her very first night out of prison.


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