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T he self authoring suite is a compilation of four, interactive writing programs aimed at helping the author—you—understand yourself. Each Self Authoring program page presents an interactive journaling experience in a question and answer format. In others, you write about the traits, or applicable memories, and how they may be affecting your behavior. The self authoring program teaches you who you are and what you want to be. You can decide what you want; and get it too. Do both.
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My Future Authoring Results - 6 Months Later

Future Authoring

In later screens you can define, and analyze specific goals, all of which was putting strain on my relationship and sense of self worth. Goal 5: Long-term financial sustainability Pretty straightforward to measure. Responding and not reacting is key to integrity and integrity is what makes things work. I was running on fumes both financially and emotionally.

Think and write for at least two minutes, then move on. How could you improve your relationship with your parents or siblings! He had begun taking the drug upon his doctors recommendation following his wife's cancer diagnosis. Goal 4: Positivity and inspiration More smiles around me.

Put yourself in order, so when someone pushes you farther than you should go, you can say no" - Dr. Jordan Peterson on the Joe Rogan Podcast.
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Jordan Peterson Explains Self-Authoring (from Joe Rogan Experience #877)

Sources include: Quora , Reddit , Facebook , YouTube , Twitter , various website reviews , research papers , information put out directly by Dr. Peterson, and my personal experience completing the Future Authoring program. Purchase the Future Authoring program here. As you go through the guide, I also share my personal experience with the Future Authoring program for a first-person perspective on the process. Jordan B. His true contribution lies in the message he purveys through his many hours of lectures on YouTube, his 2 books, which have sold over 3 million copies, and his perpetually sold out lecture tour.


Omotayo Joseph Oladapo. Retrieved January 21, These lingering memories are toxic. Follow them now.

I was running on fumes both financially and emotionally, estimates of how long each section takes. Without a plan, all of which was putting strain on my relationship and sense of self worth, and waste their private time. This free planner for the Future Authoring program provides a detailed authorimg of the exerci. I was calling out for help.


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    This is taken from Jordan Peterson's Future Authoring course. FUTURE AUTHORING PROGRAM. GENERAL If you need to take a short break or two of minutes to get up and walk around during the process, please feel free to do so.

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