Sugar free farm granola recipe

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sugar free farm granola recipe

Homemade Coconut Oil Honey Almond Granola - Lovely Little Kitchen

Make a batch of this healthy granola for quick access to a healthy crunch all week long! Store this healthy granola in an airtight container for a healthy breakfast option with a big crunch. Top your favorite breakfast smoothies , yogurt parfaits , or chia seed pudding with this healthy granola. Granola is essential for people out there who are crunch people! I love granola recipes that are simple and made up of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, a little sweetness. I remember growing up and my aunts would make the best homemade granola.
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Wintery Sugar Free Granola - accentgirl100

Literally the thought I had while eating a bowl of this granola and penning this post. This granola was inspired by two things: 1 a reader suggestion!

Healthy Granola Recipe

I will totally keep on experimenting with it. Thanks for sharing the recipe. A bowl full of this Homemade Coconut Oil Honey Almond Granola topped with juicy, sweet strawberries ssugar a splash of ice cold whole milk is the way to go my friends. I really appreciate your insights and knowledge on everything from clean foods to using good ingredients in cooking methods for healthy lifestyle.

Elizabeth Rider January 13th, at grqnola That honey sounds delish. Quick question…is this supposed to be a chewy granola. Get new posts and updates delivered right to your inbox:. Dried goji berries, dried blueberries.

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How to make Granola (sugar-free)

Granola is the perfect grab-and-go snack, the perfect quick breakfast when served with berries and yogurt, and the perfect all-around food for my toddler. The version I just pulled out of the oven has brown sugar, vanilla, and tons of almonds. Prep: 5 minutes. Cook: 40 minutes. Total: 45 minutes.

What is considered a serving size. Hope you enjoy. How could I make this into granola bars. Don't miss the latest. My 8 year old has been eating it with plain greek yogurt, which he usually hates.

These Paleo Granola Bars are the best grain free bars you'll eat. They're gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and still have a nice crunch! Easy to make, they're the perfect grab and go breakfast or snack for your busy day. When we first found Paleo, which now feels like a century ago, we worked really hard to figure out how this lifestyle would work for us. I was working mostly from home so we were cooking virtually every single meal and snack there. As time passed, our lives got busier, I switched jobs and I was learning to deal with a longer commute to work. We started taking more short cuts when it came to snacks and started purchasing Paleo-approved ones from the store.


Then Recjpe spending 20 minutes attractively digging around my mouth. After making this off and on for the last few years and tweaking it a little each time, this recipe is now perfection to me. Rolled oats are better in this kind of recipe. This was SO easy to make and it tastes delish!!.

Do I need to increase any other of the wet ingredients and how much. Hey Gorgeous. Please disregard. Using coconut oil instead of the veggie oil.


  1. Lorna O. says:

    How to cook The Best Ever Grain Free Granola Bars

  2. Jacquenett D. says:

    Sugar-free recipe: Angelique Panagos' sweet potato granola

  3. Anna M. says:

    Pure genius to use that instead of the oven. Those were so delicious. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Have you figured out how many calories per serving.

  4. Gayane S. says:

    Love your blog, by the way. This is seriously the most delicious granola I have ever tasted. The crispy oats and almonds lend extra texture and nutrition, flaxseed. This time I used the same for oats and syrup, and little specks of dark chocolate sweeten thi.👩‍🚒

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