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Many people lose their high school yearbooks. Some even purposefully get rid of them, only to regret doing so later on. A yearbook not only has posed headshots of each student, it also has photos from clubs, activities and sports. It has spontaneous shots such as of kids in the hall, your old art classroom, and the teachers you adored or disliked. Many different resources are available both online and off to help locate old high school yearbooks, whether you want to purchase a copy or just look in one to find the name of someone with whom you graduated.
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How to Find Old Yearbooks

More pictures FiveMiles. Some yearbooks included indexes to every mention of a student's name? Refine your search. Having long-lost my original Seneca High School 'Arrow '68' yearbook, I thought this reprint might be a viable option.

The site looks promising, and hopefully will continue xale add more yearbooks and remain free! I still think maybe the best part is the list of names of all the underclassmen. Fred says:. Anyways it still works.

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I Bought A Stranger's School Yearbook From Ebay

Pld you can get a reprint of a single copy of your yearbook, although prices will vary and are often more expensive than buying a used copy. I sent yearbooks twice, and was paid both times. He can be reached at markaroeder yahoo. The printing quality on the new one was not as good as the original? Spreadsheets for Genealogy: Airtable part 2.

Just about everyone has at least one yearbook from their old high school tucked away on a shelf or in a box, seldom looked at, all but forgotten. I guess a few years have to pass before such things become nostalgic enough to be of interest. Few of us tend to think of high-school yearbooks as collectibles. Even those of us who frequently gaze at our own yearbooks seldom give thought to actually collecting them. The thought simply never occurs to most of us that collecting yearbooks from other years and high schools might be fun. I must admit that the thought of collecting yearbooks never dawned on me until I bought a few of them at an auction.


Thanks to everyone who have given me info on our yearbooks. See also: antique high back saddles. Right now, plus a variety of Florida college and university yearbooks. Printable Monthly Spending Worksheet.

February 26 at pm. Returns Accepted. Notify me before the end of the auction Cancel. United states 14 Georgia 4 Lebanon 1?


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