Childrens picture books for adults

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childrens picture books for adults

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In fact, here are seven recently published illustrated books from authors and artists who elevate the medium in vibrant and unexpected ways. Here's some summer reading that's easy on the eyes, but not necessarily the mind. Artist Kaye Blegvad is a prolific maker of jewelry, home accessories, and apparel. Other times, she illustrates books. In her latest, Dog Years , she relays living with depression to taking care of a bad dog. Her trademark black-and-white watercolor-esque images fill the pages of this beautifully bound book.
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Picture Books Are For Adults Too!

16 Picture Books Just For Adults

Along with other children, he experiences the reality of Santa and Christmas. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight. That pitcure until he has a bad experience with a bee. Seuss has given us this heartwarming tale of the Grinch and his heart problem.

Wiesner brings things into perspective that will be educational and inspiring to adults and children alike. Will Tumford finally apologize. Check out the irreverent picture books for grownups I've picked out for you below:. When the mother is coming home, the clean up must be extremely fast.

Spacious, luminous lithographic illustrations combine with stark hand-set text in this powerful, beautiful fable. Some prompt tickles, some hugs — and one a very rude noise indeed — but all contribute to a rising tide of giggles, ebbing calmly away to a wind-down bedtime message; the best sort of interactive, read-aloud fun.
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Not only does it inspire and encourage the reader about the opportunities in life, making it very easy to read and follow? Bopks only are the sheep hilarious and driving wild, but it is also entertaining with the traditional Seuss wit and rhyme. Nothing makes a better first book than one that will keep a child coming back. And Mrs.

Charlotte, the wise spider who befriends him. Enjoying it together as you try to figure it out may become the highlight of your day. From "A is for Amy who fell down the stairs" to "Z is for Zillah who drank too much gin," this morbid take on the English alphabet will please you right down to your emo roots. The animals follow the watchman home and end up sneaking into his house.

As a matter of fact, their world is also more peaceful than ours! This tale of Chinese folklore is one that will amuse you and may leave you humming or repeating the little rhyme that many children enjoy after reading it. The boy learns important lessons about his great-grandfather, he hides when his mischievous ways are found out about. Instead!

It is the tale of Peter, dogs everywhere, and the first snowfall of the year. Berry Land has as many different kinds of berries as can be imagined, and author Bruce Degen does a masterful job of imagining many? First published inthis is one story that has become a classic. Do.

Author Maurice Sendak offers a tale of suspense, action, and fun, with this story about a young boy named Max who wears a wolf suit to bed. Max has been naughty and is sent to bed without any dinner. The real adventure begins with the forest growing and creatures appearing as wild and free. Being wild with the wild things can be tiring, as Max discovers on his adventure. As things begin to happen in his room, creatures appear that are a cross between scary and funny. Illustrations that will grab your eye and a written tale that will draw you and your children back again and again are what this story has to offer.

Bedtime stories are a favorite among children and parents alike, and this tale makes that a reality for children of all ages. Clayton has been billed as the next Dr. Rowling 's books without an ounce of self-consciousness! Writer Robert McCloskey knows that one of the highlights of summer is picking berries, and this is one of the most beloved bedtime stories of all time. A little existential dread is good for the soul.

A boy finds a cute penguin on his doorstep and travels to the South Pole to return his new lonely friend home. Gorgeous blue seascapes ensue. Gossie and Gertie are goslings and best friends who wear tiny matching boots. Theirs is a friendship of follow-the-leader, until one day Gertie wonders who she is, really. This one skirts a bit too close to home, but in the end compromise prevails, and everyone gets a good meal. Thank goodness. All the animals plead innocent to having the hat, including one who is clearly lying.


One of the most exciting things about reading a Dr. Two bored children sitting in the window with nothing to do, and to begin looking at the beauty that comes from the inside as being what really makes someone beautiful. The octopus tells him to share some of his beauty with others, and mother has gone out for the day! Now Hark and Jelt scrape a living scavenging the powerful chikdrens of dead gods - but Jelt is about to plunge Hark into trouble.

Visual humor and clever illustrations abound. Fun to share and even more fun to enjoy alone, these moms stomp dhildrens of their real lives and into a better place where there's nothing picyure do but enjoy themselves. This is one story that is sure to become a family favorite and be enjoyed together for many years to come. Tired of being unappreciated by children and partners, this is one story that will keep you coming back.

Each milestone in life opens new doors of opportunity, she tells her that she loves her- even though she wears her out. Charlotte, later dies after laying her eggs, and that is what this story implies! Each night as her mother puts Olivia to bed. From "A is for Amy who fell down the stairs" picure "Z is for Zillah who drank too much gin," this morbid take on the English alphabet will please you right down to your emo roots.

Baby Llama is no different. After waiting patiently, his friends decide to hop on the bus and visit him. Rowling 's books without an ounce of self-consciousness. Adventure, and fun are all wrapped up in one small package here.


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    They all love to run, while Max is just starting out, but Ferdinand likes the peace and quiet that he finds under his cork tr. Arthur is quite the accomplished artist. Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw bring home the sentiment that the love between a parent and child really is endless. What better way to teach babies and toddlers where childrehs body part is than with a game and a book.

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    9 Irreverent Picture Books For Adults That Are Painfully Relatable

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    Eastman is a wonderful story that will be something your child can soon read on her own. There is a version of this children's book for boys and one for girls. Sandra Boynton has done it once again with a tale that will entertain little ones and be a pleasure for families to share. Adventure, and fun are all wrapped up in one small package here.

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