Walks of life book jill fratto

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walks of life book jill fratto

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I was shocked the first time I heard this question. Twenty years ago, the life-coaching industry was in its infancy, and professional coaches were hard to find. Today, this growing field employs more than 50, people worldwide. According to a study from the International Coach Federation, an overwhelming majority 83 percent of people are so satisfied with their coaching experience, they would recommend it to others. Some project that life coaching will mature from a cottage industry to a full-fledged one some time in the next few years.
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The services of a life coach can benefit people in practically any life stage: teens, young professionals, executives, divorcees, widows, seniors—you name it. The life of a coach is filled with meaningful relationships, a deep sense of purpose, and of course, potential for a very lucrative career. Not many people have the opportunity to combine these three benefits in the same profession.

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