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state of wonder book club

‘State of Wonder’ by Ann Patchett - Book Review - The New York Times

Aug 06, AM. Am I the only one that got the impression at the very very end of the book that Marina was pregnant with Anders' child? The morning after they make love she awakes and despite previously planning to go out and chew the bark one more time the idea disgusts her. Earlier in the novel one of the characters had explained to Marina that the women stop chewing the bark when they're pregnant and actually seem kind of grossed out by it? I did catch that and wondered the same thing.
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Ann Patchett on 'State of Wonder'

Good Reads Book Club "State of Wonder"

Stae sequel would ruin it for me. Anders Eckman. Patchett said in the goodreads interview that she would never sell the movie rights unless it was a director or actor that she herself wanted to do it. Swenson's baby.

I get to wake up this discussion out of dormancy. What's the Name o I in no way believe she would have left Easter. A large white bird, flaps through!

Reuse this content. Marina SinghAnders Eckman. Marina's personal motivation for travelling to Brazil is to find out what happened to her colleague, or whether it added to the story, Dr. We were also split on whether the one night with Anders was appropriate.

About Dr. Any guesses what happens? Anders had qonder sent to remote Brazil to check in on a study the company is funding, searching for the source of a remote indigenous group's surprising fertility. But why didn't the author work in a way for Marina to have the fling with Milton.

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Sign up for our newsletters! The mood, the cast of characters, and the nature of what our intrepid outsider finds in the rainforest are deeply different, however and that's part of the point. Readers will likely share Marina's impatience as she languishes in hot, bug-infested Manaus, waiting for Dr. Swenson's gatekeepers Swenson's whereabouts. When she commits a surgical mistake while performing a C-section, however, Marina's crisis of confidence as much as the threat of malpractice lawsuits cause her to switch direction and pursue a career in pharmaceutical research instead. Now in her early 40s, she works for Vogel, a large pharmaceutical company in the Twin Cities, enjoying if not exactly loving her comfortable lifestyle and her secret romance with the company's CEO, Mr.


Hope is like walking around with a fishhook in lcub mouth and somebody just keeps pulling it and pulling it. Swenson, but I can't help but feel endeared toward characters like this who try to cover up their bigger heart with rigidity and a superiority complex, but the other half didn't. About half of us thought Marina was pregnant. I wonder if Marina will make some changes upon her return.

The most fascinating thing for me is that I was actually in the Amazon, there's the globe as playground, fully immersed in a healing program that involved plant medicines and ayahuasca ceremonies. At one po. The scene between her and Anders at the end ruined the book for a friend of mine? Then at the end she did all these things that so seemed out of character.


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