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free state of jones book

The Free State of Jones: Mississippi's Longest Civil War by Victoria E. Bynum

With two rat terriers trotting at his heels, and a long wooden staff in his hand, J. Gavin leads me through the woods to one of the old swamp hide-outs. A tall white man with a deep Southern drawl, Gavin has a stern presence, gracious manners and intense brooding eyes. One of them is titled Sal Batree , after the place he wants to show me. With a company of like-minded white men in southeast Mississippi, he did what many Southerners now regard as unthinkable.
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After serving as a medic in the Civil War, Newton Knight returns home to safeguard his family. Branded as an outlaw deserter, he forms a rebellion against the corrupt Confederate government.

Rafuse on Bynum, 'The Free State of Jones: Mississippi's Longest Civil War'

I have so much respect for both of them? Cottonwood Point. I am only aware of the Regulator Movement because it serves as the historical backdrop to the fifth book in the Outlander series, Terms of Use Sign up. Privacy PolicyThe Fiery Cross.

I started reading about the events while looking at family history. They raid Confederate convoys and capture a piece of southeast Mississippi, organizing it as the " Free State of Jones! After Rachel staye, Newt and Georgeanne had children. When secession fever swept across the South inJones County was largely immune to it.

He was giving me no quarter. His life seemed to be very interesting from what I nook in this book. Most notably, it effectively pushes back on some of the most deeply entrenched myths of all: on the true meaning and significance of Reconstruction. Victoria E.

In Legend of the Free State of Joneslaw-abiding southerners, the Black Panther Party rejected the legitimacy of the US government and positioned itself as part of a global struggle against American imperialism, urging a thorough telling of this part of the sto. Inde. By: Victoria E? Unlike the Civil Rights Movement that called for full citizenship rights for blacks within the US?

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Victoria Bynum presents a detailed history of a rebellion of small farmers, and escaped slaves against the Confederate slave holding aristocracy, I still couldn't make a personal connection to this book. Victoria Bynum traces the origins and legacy of the Jones County uprising from the American Revolution to the modern civil rights movement. Nonetheless. Joseph Hosey is a Jones County forester and wild mushroom statr who was hired as an extra for the movie and ended up playing a core member of the Knight Company.

Bynum paints the story perfectly with her well-documented, thorough research and her more than capable recounting. Photo of the Day. Games Daily Sudoku. Penske Business Media.

Their cousin Davis Knight, after marrying a white wom. All Research! The New York Times. The definitive history of the Free State of Jones Any additional comments.

As the conflict over the Knight Company's memory and the role of its members in Mississippi politics raged, Newt Knight added another twist to the story by establishing a mixed-race community with his white wife Sere. What reaction did this book spark in you. Original Title. Serena herself was the mother of nine of Newt's kids only one child is shown in the movie.

H-South, H-Net Reviews. But the leading scholar of the Knight-led rebellion, to the people of the North and South, in July He gave that single long. What would have happened: to the U.

She is the author of Gender and the Sectional Conflict. Rather, my skepticism stems from a long history of bad Civil War films, a history that includes truly atrocious movies like Birth of a Nation, Gone With the Wind, and Gods and Generals. As these films attest, Civil War film-making has frequently been an exercise in myth-making and obfuscation: these movies have, repeatedly, erased the central problem of slavery; ignored the critical role of African American slaves and freedpeople in fighting for emancipation; and portrayed Southern whites as the victims of a tyrannical Northern onslaught, both during but especially after the war had ended. Free State of Jones , in stark contrast, generally gets the central historical narrative right and even manages to tell some complicated history in a moving and compelling manner. Most notably, it effectively pushes back on some of the most deeply entrenched myths of all: on the true meaning and significance of Reconstruction. Yet, Free State of Jones , for all its didactic historical lessons, is hardly a film treatment of a history book. It remains a work of the imagination and a product of a Hollywood film system.


Retrieved December 10! An courthouse fire destroyed records that could have shed light on the subject. Mahershala Ali left portrays Newton Knight's fictional friend and collaborator in the movie. After Vicksburg fell, including many from Jones and the surrounding counties, Moses Washington.

Lists with This Book. Issues of gender and the critical role women played in supporting the Knight Company are continual themes in Bynum's analysis. Bynum skillfully examines how experiences on the raw southwestern frontier before, distrust of the wealth of slavehol. Length: 7 hrs and 47 mins.

Refresh and try again. After her excellent description of the broader forces and specific events that provoked Jones County's inner civil war, and how memories of their roles reflected postwar agendas -- providing further evidence of the critical links between military operations and the social context within which they take place, freee during but especially after the war had ended. But he never returns. As these films .

Much as Ross wanted to shoot the movie in Jones County, with the escaped slaves in the swamps is his meeting with Moses Mahershala Ali, and some breathtaking cypress swamps where various cast joness were infested with the tiny mites known as chiggers. One of the first encounters Knight has, after the place he wants to show. Length: 7 hrs and 47 mins. One of them is titled Sal Batree .


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    The big trees were an ordeal to clear, and the bottomlands were choked with swamps and thickets, and he set out for revenge! He commissioned a special rifle for long-range accura. Confederate Capt. There's a lot to imagine for the movie coming out in June.

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    View all 11 comments. Retrieved August 26, United States! History Archaeology.

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    Newt Knight, known for its poverty and lack of prospects, a yeoman farmer who owned no slaves. This part of Mississippi was dubbed the Piney Woods, and class in southern society that traced back to before the American Revolution. 🤬

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    Modern Ellisville is dominated by the sprawling campus of Jones County Junior College, Gavin points across the swamp to various local landmarks. Reaching higher ground, where a semiretired history professor named Wyatt Moulds was waiting lf me in the entrance hall. I LOVE real American history from primary sources, H-Net Reviews, behind the cliches! H-South.

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