Spicy sweet and sour crab recipe

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spicy sweet and sour crab recipe

Chili Crab (Crab in Sour & Spicy Sauce) - Rasa Malaysia

We will be leaving for Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year tomorrow morning. The sauce pairs beautifully with Chinese mantou —steamed or fried—as the bun sops up the scrumptious and addictive spicy and sour sauce. I prefer the soft and puffy steamed buns…. I made this for my good friends E and N last weekend and they practically begged me to share the recipe. For the crab, we are lucky as Dungeness crab is in season and the market will clean and cut it up for you. Save the shell and pick out the tamale or mustard inside the shell. You can also prepare this dish with mud crab, blue swimmer crab, or stone crab but I just love the fleshy Dungeness crab.
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My Destination Singapore Kitchen - Chilli Crab

1 tablespoon ketchup, tomato sauce.

Make Thai Chili Crab at Home

Chablis Bloggers Challenge. I agree with other posters great photography and the recipe sounds delicious. Test the oil by dipping one end of a crab leg into the pan. We were shopping around and I saw some beautiful sweey swimmer crabs at one of the stalls.

Break the egg into a cup and combine it with the cornstarch dissolved in water. While I love all of them, sweet and sour style holds a special place in my heart. It's not the worst. Thanks Su-yin.

1 tablespoon chili sauce.
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Thanks Juliana. Love that photo of the raw crabs, looks stunning. The sauce is only slightly spicy with a sweet ketchup flavor and enriched with the delicious mixture of crab tomalley and beaten eggs. Keyword: Chili Crab.

Mix all the ingredients in the Sour and Spicy Sauce in a small bowl. Rinse and drain the crabs in a colander. At 5.


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    Sweet & Sour Crab - My Cooking Hut - Food & Travel

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    Using 2 large utensils, lucky you! Follow me on FacebookInstagram, gently turn the crab in the sauce to coat, onion and garlic. Reese. Add the ginger.

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    Share Tweet Pin shares. Normally, they would serve the dish with a side of toasted white bread or steamed mantou which was perfect for sopping up the extra sauce. Heat the sunflower oil in a wok over medium high heat. Ingredients 2 - 2.🏊

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