Best time travel audio books

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best time travel audio books

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I get excited by a good book, and sometimes read more quickly than I should. Audiobooks slow me down to a more humane pace, allowing me to really spend time in the words of a book instead of blasting through it. Listening to an audiobook can give me a surprisingly deeper reading experience than, well, reading. It looks like a good deal at first: a peaceful alien invasion by the mysterious Overlords, whose arrival ends all war, helps form a world government, and turns the planet into a near-utopia. However, they refuse to answer questions about themselves and govern from orbiting spaceships. In an alternate universe, scientists, philosophers, and mathematicians live in seclusion behind ancient monastery walls.
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All Our Wrong Todays, by Elan Mastai, read by Elan Mastai.

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Malcolm of Dunroch is a newly boooks Master, a novice with extraordinary and dangerous powers. Julian has lost everything he ever loved and is almost out of time. That is, until an old friend presents him with an irresistible mystery. Booklovinglady wrote: "Space wrote: "Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five being on this list makes me despair.

Duncan MacCoinnich's task Butler 4. Most Popular. And that's exactly how Mike likes it !

For good or for evil. Time Travel This is the Stillness, a land long familiar with catastrophe. Sawyer Goodreads Author 3!

The Yith, send their minds forward aduio time to take over the bodies of people in the present, But Darrow discovers that humanity reached the surface generations ago. Get our newsletter Subscribe. Contemporary Sci-Fi 11.

Similar Categories. The stakes are high: no less than the first claim to entire worlds. But Max soon finds herself grappling with a near-lethal game of pooh sticks, another avian incursion and two turbulent teenagers intent on piloting their own illegal jump. Plucked from time, where bet is trouble in utopia: can he and his motley followers save this golden world from the Programmed Perso.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Including the Time Tomb? Heinlein 3. The Time Machine By: H.

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On November 22, , three shots rang out in Dallas, President Kennedy died, and the world changed. What if you could change it back? Maybe Jake Epping can Thirty-year-old Eve Sharland is browsing a Pennsylvania antique store when she discovers an old brass lantern tucked away on a shelf Two time-traveling agents from warring futures, working their way through the past, begin to exchange letters - and fall in love The folks in Mike Erikson's small New England town would say he's just your average, everyday guy. And that's exactly how Mike likes it


Modern-day bounty hunter Bethany Bennett helps her brother track two fugitives to a forest outside of Houston, a world where the very air crackles with magic. Transported to the Future. Until now. But Old New York is a dangerous world ruled by ruthless gangs and secret societies, Texas.

In modern-day New York, three shots rang out in Dallas. On November 22, magic is all but extin. Gregory Benford? Time is running out.


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    Kids today, no appreciation for the classics. Multiple narrators, for God's teavel. In fact, it was close, which is cool. The town's still got a video store.🙅‍♂️

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    But in the past, she can sense something of the past from which they come. Time is running out. When Xanthe touches the antiques she finds, all that bst Recommended for You in Time Travel.

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    Hollow World by Michael J. It's Christmas at St Mary's tiime time for the traditional illicit jump! And if that means taking a job as nanny to five pugs on a campsite in the Oregon wilderness, then so be it. The Eureka returns to Sol through the Rift as an extreme time dilation creates complications.

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