Best vegan buttercream frosting recipe

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best vegan buttercream frosting recipe

Vegan Fluffy Buttercream Frosting Recipe - Chowhound

I usually leave this frosting white and food coloring is a known toxin sorry! There are some natural food colorings available at natural grocers, but they tend to be pretty pricy and only tint the frosting. Method: Be sure all of your ingredients are room temperature. Add the rest of the powdered sugar and continue to mix until well combined and frosting consistency. Do not substitute traditional margarine or shortening like Cristco as both are hydrogenated and contain transfats. Stick to Earth Balance if you can.
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How to Make the Best VEGAN Buttercream! - Cupcake Jemma

2 pounds organic powdered sugar.

Vegan Buttercream Icing Recipe

Margarine isn't as dense as butter, so my amount of rice milk is very small. This site may contain some of these links to Amazon. Your Name. My butter will not get fluffy!

I could definitely devour a whole bowl of this frosting straight. It comes out a lovely off white, tastes amazing and everyone was amazed that the icing was vegan? Did you make any modifications. A straight across replacement has worked in all my baking.

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Let us know how it turns out! I used my butter at room temp where I press and gives in with a bit of resistance, not creamy. What vegan butter do you use.

Great question? Another option is to cut your butter with veggie shortening or straight palm oil. Please rate this recipe in the comments below to help out your fellow cooks. What temptations and desires!

I Made this. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Register Login. Ultimate Baker has an amazing line of powdered colors that are both vegan and all natural, if you prefer the natural route. Hi Boris.

Hope that helps. I soon realized that many of the products out there had subtle flavors that were enhanced to a simply unpalatable level once you added vanilla. But if you are planning to pipe any frosting on for decorations, I would double the recipe. Use immediately or store frosting in the refrigerator for up to 1 week or in the freezer up to 1 month.

Ingredients US Customary - Metric. You will not be subscribed to frostihg email list. You could leave a frosted cake or cupcakes at room temperature for days. October 8, at pm. Cream the butter on Medium for minutes until pale, airy and fluffy turn to med-high for second intervals if needed.

Site Index Buttercream frostings Icings and frostings Vegan. It was spectacular and I surprised myself. While doing that however, I also had to come up with a vegan buttercream icing recipe. I realized today while looking through my posts that I never posted my recipe for the vegan buttercream icing that went on top of it! I tasted butter replacements until I had to scrape my tongue. I soon realized that many of the products out there had subtle flavors that were enhanced to a simply unpalatable level once you added vanilla.


If the icing got even close to room temp, it just slid off the cake. Thank you so much for this recipe? You can just leave off the added salt if you find it salty enough already. Love all of your recipes.

If you have another brand of vegan butter or margarine that will probably work, though it may change the flavor quite a bit, try not adding any liquid no almond milk. Is there a big difference if you dont use the organic powdered sugar. Another alternative would be to replace the shortening with buttery spread. Also.


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    This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here. This Vegan Buttercream Frosting will turn your cake into a slice of heaven! It requires just 3 ingredients and whips up in minutes! Use it for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, piping and more! 💁‍♂️

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    1 cup dairy-free soy margarine (or any Dairy-Free.

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