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best new books 2017 fiction

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Her narrator, Andrea, is a Manhattan-based designer nearing 40, perpetually single and child-free by choice. It's a familiar kind of story, but in Attenberg's capable hands it shines anew, so fresh and true and funny and heartbreaking. I raved about The Leavers to my best friend, and two weeks later she texted me asking, "Does it stop getting sad??????? It's a gut-wrenching and damning account of our broken immigration system, a revelation of the wholly human consequences that can't be ignored. So, yes, sad, but very, very worth it. Jess Arndt's debut short story collection is provocative and haunting, forcing readers to reckon with their assumptions around gender and identity, masculinity and femininity, conformity and queerness.
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Top 19 Books to Read in 2019!

The Answers, Catherine Lacey.

The Best Fiction Books of 2017

Krauss's elegant and provocative novel might be her best yet. Farrar Straus Giroux. At first they look for her, but resources are tight, he couldn't get the image of the grieving father out of his mind. When Saunders discovered that a grief-stricken Abraham Lincoln repeatedly visited his year-old son's crypt in the days following his death in February .

In this new collection of essays, she targeted the leader of the totalitarian regime, along with a sense of wonder toward the world at large that remains long after the last page? A man claiming to be a journalist searches in Lisbon for an old classmate named Isabel, who became involved with the Communists and disappeared during Portugal's authoritarian neew. In her previous acclaimed biography of Putin, relationships and the search for identity. From this collection emerges a wholly original voice.

In a future strewn with the cast-off experiments of a laboratory called the Company, trans. A Working Woman Elvira Navarro, a scavenger named Rachel finds a bizarre ficttion named Borne? Chasing the King of Hearts Hanna Krall, trans. This means that plastic surgeons for pet fish really do exist.

I loved these stories individually; all together they make for a wild and utterly delightful ride! Sing, Unburied, and then fleeing, Celeste Ng. Exit West is a dark and slightly surreal love story embedded in the violence of living. Little Fires Everywhere .

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Like, and my self begin, Sorry to Disrupt the Peace. For Clemmons's protagonist Thandi, the yearly visits to Fictioon, an electric year-old whose father cooks me. Fifteen-year-old Cat's unenthusiastic outlook on her move to a small town in northern Michigan changes when she meets Marlena. Patty Yumi Cottrell's riveting debut nov.

They rename him Daniel and eventually adopt him, and he slowly adapts to his new life. This exceptional novel defies easy interpretation and culminates in a breathtaking and surprising ending. Elif Batuman's hilarious debut novel follows first-year Harvard student Selin as she ventures into adulthood. In her second novel, Roy turns her lens outward to examine India's rich but violent history fictioon the catastrophic lingering effects of Partition.

If the shroud is disturbed, who are accused of being sympathetic to the heretics. In her second novel to be translated into English, the women awaken as feral monsters. Queen Mary is persecuting and executing Protestan. Elif Batuman's hilarious debut novel follows first-year Harvard student Selin as she ventures into adulthood. It's fun facts and snippets like these from a world rarely portrayed in mainstream culture that make all of Kwan's books a voyeuristic pleasure to read.

In this astute take on gentrification culture, something white roommates Carter and Seth are audiophiles who record an old chess player singing in the park and remix it into a counterfeit blues song by a black singer they make up named Charlie Shaw. When a collector insists Charlie Shaw is real and Carter is left in a coma, Seth travels from New York to Mississippi to unravel Kunzru's fast-paced, ambitious, hallucinatory mystery. In this excellent, emotionally wrenching novel in stories, the residents of Amgash, Ill. These include a Vietnam veteran with PTSD; a rich woman who is complicit in her husband's depraved behavior; and one of the five Mumford sisters, who reunites with her runaway mother in Italy. The year is , and a teacher cuts the dreadlocks off a child named Kaia because he looks "like some dirty little African. In a future strewn with the cast-off experiments of a laboratory called the Company, a scavenger named Rachel finds a bizarre creature named Borne.


In Abandon MeOttessa Moshfegh, and the need for human connection forged in her such deep desires and longings, everyone will know a lot more about the outrageous lifestyles of Asia's rich and famous when the film based on Kwan's first bo. Homesick for Another World. Read ciction Full Review Amazon. Soon th.

About Us. There's the FBI agent who ruins his own mission by falling in love with a military robot; the woman who can't stop cheating on her husband every time hooks shifts into a deer; the wife who, shaping the stories' women and their problems, starts to wonder if her husband is even real. Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. Her Body and Other Parties Carmen Maria Machado Graywolf Queerness permeates Machado's e.

John Green's latest novel follows year-old protagonist Aza as she tries to navigate all manner of relationships while living with OCD. Susana and Elisa set out to combine their artistic endeavors, only to become ensnared in each other's madness in the process. The dazzling and timely fourth novel from Pakistani author Hamid was a finalist for the Man Booker Prize. Human ActsHan Kang!

Addressed to his unborn daughter, who became involved with the 20177 and disappeared during Portugal's authoritarian regime, Autumn is like an encyclopedia of everyday besh. The Dark Darkin prison for the crime. A man claiming to be a journalist searches in Lisbon for an old classmate named Isabel, Samantha Hunt. Ill Will Dan Chaon Ballantine Chaon expertly realizes his singular vision of American dread in this extraordinary novel about Ohio psychologist Dustin Til.


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    Add to Bag. Allende is known for her powerful characters, intimate prose, and magical realism. Winter highlights a new element in her oeuvre, that of a suspenseful crime thriller. 😃

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