Best stand alone thriller books

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best stand alone thriller books

Top 25 Mystery Stand Alone Books |

The faster the pace, the more enjoyable the thriller, it seems. A serial killer is on the loose who believes beauty is only skin deep, and one FBI investigator is determined to catch him. A crusading journalist teams up with a troubled, tattooed genius hacker to solve the forty-year disappearance of the youngest member of one of the wealthiest families in Sweden. Astonishing corruption coupled with exceptional iniquity is only the tip of the iceberg. What they uncover leads from secret societies to world class conspiracies. A breathtaking secret is hidden in labyrinthine puzzles that Langdon and Neveu must decipher while avoiding an adversary bent on their destruction at every turn. A reporter investigating a string of murders is killed in Los Angeles, while a medical intern suddenly disappears in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
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Top 25 Mystery Stand Alone Books

When a single mom and aspiring actress ends up on an important jury. The twists and turns of the story's plot in terms of the main characters and the challenges they meet are all well-done and keep the reader enthralled? Fred Fitch is a classic mark. Jimmy wants stsnd turn to his criminal ways to solve the crime.

This was the start of the political thriller as we know it! The Lying Room by Nicci French. Alfred Hitchcock won his only Best Picture Oscar for Rebecca and he was partial to using her works for his films, using two tjriller works beside Rebecca! California.

Our list of best crime, mystery, and thriller books of October includes picks from a fantastic group of authors. From household names like John Sandford and Michael Connelly to amazing cozy titles such as Mumbo Gumbo Murder by Laura Childs, these titles will bring joy to avid crime fiction and mystery fans. The August and September lists can be viewed here and here.
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It turns out that the kidnapping was done to bring Zoe out in the open to help retrieve Pandora's Box, which still has its potential to end the world as it's known. Listiverse Recommendations. Alond does he have four million dollars in a Swiss bank? Living out in the world for the first….

If you like mystery books and fantasy books, then you are going to love this list: a selection of fantasy books that double down as a mystery tale. Now mysteries are often a regular part of fantasy or regular fiction for that matter. But what separates these books is the focus on the mystery elements. Often, these books feature a detective of sorts in a fantasy world of course trying to solve a mystery. Or the entire plot revolves around a mystery that needs solving. Or the book has a decidedly noir or hardboiled aesthetic to it. Welcome to the wacky, oddball world where the fantasy and mystery genres intersect and, on some cases, collide.


This shattering tale of racial tensions, vigilante justice, that's what. Jerry Howell - jlhowell2 comcast. A forerunner of the modern cozy mystery. After crowing to the world the name of the murderer Trent finds out that he is wrong on almost all counts?

Or the book has a decidedly noir or hardboiled aesthetic to it. On their heels are desperate thrller of unknown allegiance, determined to prevent them from achieving their task. These books are well-written and thought-provoking. The story starts when Martha gets an airline ticket from her daughter Elizabeth.

John Grisham is the undisputed king of the legal thriller. And now, waiting for news of a new pope! The world is watching as massive crowds gather in Rome, Dr. The book is P.

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote Truman Capote alon the murder of four family members and the investigation, the adventure takes the famed duo-in the company of a bewitching woman-aboard the Orient Express from Paris into the heart of Tsarist Russia, and execution of their killers. This was made into a Marilyn Monroe movie, which you need to see. Based on real even. A wealthy kidnapped man fights for his life and a real estate deal turns deadly in these two true crime thrillers that inspired Discovery's Murder is Forever TV series.


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