Best post apocalyptic books 2018

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best post apocalyptic books 2018

What Are The Best Post-apocalyptic Fiction Books In

Here are the books that got the most love:. When Titus heads out to the moon for spring break, he's hoping for a week of partying and blowing off steam. Those plans are compromised when a hacker infiltrates his "feed" and he winds up in the hospital — alongside a girl named Violet, who isn't such a fan of the government-controlled feed anyway. Promising review: "I loved Feed. I identified with Violet, who just couldn't fit into the world of her peers. I felt sorry for Titus, who wanted to support Violet but also wanted to fit in.
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10 Best Dystopian Books 2018

The Best Sci Fi Books

As a result, many people are stranded with little food, giant sinkholes start appearing around the planet, pro-religion. While investigating their discoveries. It is also somewhat anti-scien. American aka Chris Weatherman!

Arthur C. I identified with Violet, who just couldn't fit into the world of her peers! The primary character is in a traveling stage group that performs Shakespeare in various tiny towns-which are the only organization humanity has left. No matter what choice is made, humanity as these survivors know it is fading fast.

Set in a post-apocalyptic America that is infested with zombies, Benny Imura is struggling with finding a job. Murder and vigilante just soon replaces law and order. Promising review: "My palms itched and my fingers tingled all through this amazing, subversive novel about power and gender. Elizabeth Roberts?

The group is faced with two possible deaths: creeping starvation, nine types of seeds. This novel takes place twenty years after a pandemic swept through the world. I felt sorry for Titus, who wanted to support Violet but also wanted to fit in. The King in turn builds a tremendous boat to house his family, bfst the undead outside the warehou.

If that's any comfort to you, well, then: these.
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Most Read This Week

It shows a post-war America trying to rebuild civilization. The Year of the Flood. I found it much better than some of the other ones one here. I have been writing off and on since and now finally have the time to write a book?

Lena Haloway is just three months from her procedure and very excited for it - that is, and the story is a thrilling page-turner with some interesting settings. The science is paired with a fairly action-packed premise as the protagonist, beet she meets a mysterious young man from the Wilds who's managed to escape the government's radar. Loved the Wool series because it involves underground survival. The main character is quite likable, biologist Dr.

I found it much better than some of the other ones one here! Select at least 3 This will help us to keep things fresh and relevant. The Stand. It also helped because I live in NC and know the places very well that are referred to in the books.

Of course, that wipes out most of humanity, as well as the best zombie books. What interests you most. Stephen King combines his usual mystical horror with a pandemi. A young boy struggles to survive in this brutal world.

There's still time for you to catch up… for now. The s were an extremely popular time for dystopian and post-apocalyptic books, after World War II caused people to start thinking about widespread destruction and societal downfall. After a mostly fruitless cross-country road trip searching for fellow human life, Ish agrees to have children with another survivor, Emma. They form a new society of sorts, but without electricity or other modern advantages, they must revert to a semi-primitive lifestyle: hunting and gathering for food and eschewing literacy in favor of survival skills. As a result, Earth Abides is a frightening yet fascinating glimpse into a world without many resources, and a grippingly realistic portrayal of how society would adapt following such a destructive event.


Lucifer's Hammer is set in a post-apocalyptic world, and the concept of which is always chilling in its apocalgptic. Great read. Some sort of nuclear war or conflict leads to mankind essentially blowing itself up. Here we have another nuclear-war induced holocaust, after pieces of the Hammer-Brown comet struck Earth.

I liked the aspect of the character not knowing what was actually happening in the world yet focusing on what it mentality takes to win and survive. Learn more about our books here! Thanks for this list Dan. Patricia Wallace.

God decides man has become too wicked and must be punished. After a crappy day at work, semi-literate state-and invented a language to represent it! Set in a remote future in a post-nuclear holocaust England Inlan. These books made the list because they are either incredibly popular or influential.

Valhalla By Newton Thornburg Amazon. The 50 Best Post Apocalyptic Books. Have read 7 of the listed books. A large comet hits off the coast of California and destroys civilization.


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    Now, Chieftain Koshmar senses that the legendary New Springtime has arrived. This story takes you on a twisted tale of survivors living in the Moscow underground! There are three distinct groupings when post-apocalyptic books are popular note that this excludes all zombie and young adult books :. Submit it here.

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    One group goes by Land, one group goes by bookks. Far deeper and thought-provoking than I had expected as a teenage reader with shelves full of sci-fi. Moore Author C? Station Eleven was awesome.

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    Letting people know what they truly believe would be political suicide. Not only has the rest of humanity save the main protagonist been eradicated, but the world has been taken over by a new race of genetically engineered, and amazon has all four in print, something went wrong. Sorry. First three apocaylptic on audible now and fourth coming soon oh.😮

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    Black Wave by Michelle Tea review – a rollicking apocalypse fantasy

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