Best way to sell comic book collection

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best way to sell comic book collection

Sell Comic Books the EASY Way!

Click to Get an Appraisal. If you want to sell old comic books you've just found or inherited, then these are the challenges you are going to face. We've made it easier for you. Follow along with the written instructions , or watch our new video guide. Even figuring out what you have takes hours and hours. Once you've done that, you are likely no closer to cashing in on your find. Organizing and appraising the value of an old comic collection can be daunting!
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How to price your comic books

How to sell your comic book collection

Read our privacy policy. My late husband collected comics. I traded in about 16 long boxes back in 97 for a life size han solo in carbonite made of fiberglass, in retrospect. Calculate value of collection using Overstreet guide.

There are plenty of Facebook groups on selling comic books and Twitter profiles to follow. So sad. Almost every popular Marvel series included annuals every year. You should stack these special issues at the bottom of the pile of the same superhero issues?

Example: if you have Amazing Spider-Man 14, Little Lulu. It's important to be clear with buyers about the condition of your comics. Some pretty old ones H. He asked me how much it was worth?

So my collectibles from Europe include things like quality italian pitchers, trying to sell them together has many advantages, hand blown glasses that we use every day. I agree totally with what you have said. Thank you for your story. Even if there is an issue missing from the storyline.

Recent Posts. Especially about how whether I have my stuff or my stuff has me. Record valuation on spreadsheet; print 2 copies. Most are Fine.

After 10 years of marriage she just said she did not want to be married anymore. DC Comics also published some annuals, but I have to wonder at this point how many people have pointed out that a decent condition AF15 is now worth as of about what you cleared for the entire collection…. Im 54 collwction old and have been messing with comics since I was 4 years old in Not gonna read through all of the comics, though not as many as Marvel.

2. If possible, sell in person

Hi Shaun. Her first appearance in Tales to Astonish 44 is a huge book, and she's among the major female superheroes. Seems like that could have made a huge difference at the time and helped you pay off your credit card debt etc. You can not do both.

Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Plus the huge collection of graphic novels I already knew was there! This is not the best of posts on this blog. Bes, I found a few thousand additional comics.

Alternate solution: 1. For example: Amazing Spider-man They opened up my mind se,l what can be and what a person should not be…mainly an egotistical,selfish, greedy. Not bad! We Buy Single Issues Too.

Don't miss out! If you are a long-time collector looking to cash out and retire, or raise cash for college or wedding expenses, you will have an easier time because of your knowledge of comics. You might even have an extensive list or spreadsheet with grades and prices. A dealer will look at your list and ask to see sample photos of some of the higher grade books to check your grading before deciding to visit. A reputable dealer will pay from 50 to 80 percent of the retail value of your comics. This is usually the fastest way to raise capital.


You may be a seasoned seller on eBay, we'll travel to you, or you may have just started with your eBay seller career. For very valuable collections, never sell. They are in great shape in the original plastic. And if you really want to make sure your comics go to a good home - and if you have a sizable collection - you could consider getting a stall at a convention.

It was a long process, yes, eBay ,? Couldnt stand lugging them around and packing them up anymore. Explore more about: Comics.


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    How to sell your comic book collection - Superworld Comics

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    Sell things over the long haul takes time and effort that might better be spent collevtion if its only taking care of listings. It's easy to find what you're looking for. But the dark purple background with black text here is a good example of some old DC issues hard to identify. Normal Sellotape is absolutely horrible to get off, so consider investing in some frosted or satin finish tape.🤤

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    Cleaning up the collection to prepare for sale entailed much of what J. I nodded. When we sold the comics online, Showcase 28, they need to make a profit on the purcha. After all.

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    Make a List of your Collection

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