Best windows operating system for netbook

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best windows operating system for netbook

Five Best Netbook Operating Systems

If you're fed up with Windows , Linux , or macOS , you'll want to know if there's a great alternative desktop operating system that's worth using. While there are no absolute definitive answers here — everyone's use case is different, after all — we've discovered ten distinct examples that fall outside the usual bounds. Our list even includes a few true outsiders, independent operating systems built from the ground up which serve mainly to prove just how difficult it is to create an entire functioning OS without a large number of brains working on it. Everything here can be tested reasonably within a virtual machine , so if something grabs your interest don't hesitate to download and give it a try. ArcaOS is a bit OS that runs on the x86 processor architecture, so should be compatible with some particularly old PCs. The personal edition includes 6-months support and maintenance, while the commercial edition includes one-year of priority support and maintenance. We're a bit sad that BeOS didn't take off.
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Top 3 Most Lightweight Operating System For Low-End PC and Laptops. [HINDI]

Best OS for Atom + 2GB Ram Netbook

For more applications, games or tools, TinyCore is a small distro with a beautiful graphics environment. Stay tuned. As its name suggests. Acer Aspire Switch 10 E review - an affordable inch 2-in .

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Most probably it is compatible with popular hardwares such as Intel, Nvidia and etc. Running regular Ubuntu gives you the benefits of taking one of the most popular versions of Linux with you in full desktop form, while running the netbook remix alters the menu structure for higher visibility and adjusts the user experience for comfort. Stay informed by joining our newsletter.

Find instructions for doing so and a download over at Ubuntu. Ngan Tengyuen [ Reply ]. Android on a never released Compaq smartbook. The development of SkyOS has sadly been halted, but it's still worth looking at as an example of an OS constructed from scratch.

In essence, you have to choose between paid or open source OS. Installing EasyPeasy is pretty easy. By having such a minimalist graphics system, you can run on old equipment or with few resources. An operating system usually also provides the default user interface for the system.

Ubuntu Netbook Edition

Linux Mint vs. Currently, and most of those are based on Ubuntu, but that's another story. Rate this item: 1. But Linux mint works. Of co.

Do you have a slow laptop and want to install the fastest OS? Check this list of the best lightweight os for old laptops and netbooks. Are you looking for a lightweight OS? In this article, I will show you a list of the best lightweight os distros for old laptops and netbooks. Maybe you remember the news about the Russian Dmitry who was able to boot an Ubuntu with Linux kernel 2. This is the most extreme case that is known to date beating the record of low resources. The system he used was an Atmegap microcontroller and an ARM emulator that he wrote to manage bit software on an 8-bit chip.


This is a highly complete and very reliable operating system, perfect both for server applications and desktop use. Therefore, when its main developer put an end to his work and left it to the community, a netbook loaded with one of these OSs will cost less then a netbook that comes loaded with windows due to not having to pay for a license, operaating is the best choice for you. One being cost.

Very interesting fir. Those are two very competent netbook OSs that have given me huge amounts of enjoyment over the last 2 years or so. Besides, when using Chrome OS you essentially run an expanded version of the Chrome browser and nothing else. Windows 7 Starter.


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