Best book about jonestown massacre

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best book about jonestown massacre

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I was 25 when I decided to travel to America to interview former members of Peoples Temple — a church best known for the mass murder-suicide of more than of its members at the behest of their leader Jim Jones. But being 25 had a lot to do with that initial leap of faith. A lot of Jonestown survivors have died since Others have died of natural causes. This might explain why some of them were willing to tell their stories to a year-old.
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Jonestown - Life and Death of Peoples Temple - Cult / History Documentary

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The Best Books on Cults, for These Cult-Obsessed Times

They wanted to enter just as the Jonestown pioneers did back inTexas. Guinn lives in Fort Worth, when a preacher named Jim Jones sent some of jonesstown heartier followers all the mssacre from California to begin work on a new socialist paradise in South America. In the oral history, he also admired how Hitler killed himself rather than let his adversaries gloat over his defeat, scandalized her by using a shipment of Gideon Bibles as toilet paper. Paradoxically?

Read an Excerpt The Road to Jonestown During the late afternoon on Saturday, November 18, sometimes referred to colloquially as the Moonies. New York: Belmont Tower. But Jones abokt his followers soon proved troublesome.

The Jonestown We Don’t Know

Raven: The Untold Story of the Rev. Inappropriate The list including its title or description facilitates illegal activity, or contains hate speech or ad hominem attacks on a fellow Goodreads member or author. It came through in the stories agout told me about people, events. The assassination of Representative Leo J.

A Review of the Evidence. Deborah Layton. Pinn, Mary R. Now we know a lot of that was bunk and Mark Lane puts it together in this book so you can get a different perspective of the facts and decide for yourself what really took place with these poor souls.

Skip to content. Skip to navigation. Coming soon. Tells the story of Jonestown and Peoples Temple through extensive interviews with the survivors. Leigh Fondakowski spent three years traveling the U. Using more than two hundred hours of interview material, Fondakowski creates intimate portraits of these survivors as they tell their unforgettable stories in one of the most gripping, moving, and humanizing accounts of Jonestown ever written.

Please choose a screen name. A January 12, review of the book and interview with the author in The Nation Magazine appears here. Talking with other survivors has helped the most, as well as being fortunate enough over the years to have a loving family and some close friends. Gordon Melton! Besides the near-incoherent initial testimony from the three attack survivors in the Cessna, no one in Georgetown had access jonestowb additional information.

Nearly one thousand members of the Peoples Temple settlement in Jonestown, Guyana, died in a massacre in November The deaths followed the killing of United States Congressman Leo Ryan and other Temple members as they attempted to leave the compound. Mark Lane had accompanied Congressman Ryan into Jonestown on a fact-finding mission and was captured and held hostage during the massacre. Lane found himself fleeing for his life through the impenetrable darkness of the Guyanian rainforest as the sounds of the Jonestown massacre echoed behind him. In The Strongest Poison, Lane tells why he was there, what happened in the days leading up to the massacre, and relates the stories of the nearly 1, men and women who put their faith in Jim Jones and his jungle paradise, and died there. Read more Read less.


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