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Best Terry Pratchett Books | List of Popular Terry Pratchett Books, Ranked

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8 Clever Characters from Discworld and Good Omens — Terry Pratchett Series

Discworld Reading Order...

Tilly wrote: "Witches Abroad is so great!!. It introduces you to some of the Discworld key locations. Windle Poons isn't a hugely strong character. Welcome back.

Dragons, a shadowy brotherhood of cowl-robed magic-worke. Jingo Unseen Academicals 5. It is the 33rd book in the Discworld series.

This is a good solution 5. Mar 29, PM. Mort 5. The Witches see also Tiffany Aching :?

Witches Abroad Discworld! It's The Colour of Magiconly now there's a plot. Feet of Clay The discworld reading guide is a good source.

Spoilers for any bokos book are allowed in comments, PM. It is the 33rd book in the Discworld series. Jul 04, tagged or not. I'll say Reaper Man is a great place to start.

They shouldn't be characterised as part of the Discworld canon: In the case of Raising Steam and Snuffthey are almost unrecognisable as Pratchett books. I feel a bit harsh putting this explicitly Faustian tale so low down the list. Dragons at Crumbling Castle. She so rarely has a chance to glide swanlike into a social occasion, I'm glad she got to do it.

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Well, yeah. Also ranked 1 in What are the best books with dark humor. Top Bottom. Holly wrote: "Why are these other authors on this list. Be part of a rewarding interactive knowledge exchange.

I don't want to talk much about the books published after , the year of Sir Terry's diagnosis with a form of Alzheimer's. They shouldn't be characterised as part of the Discworld canon: In the case of Raising Steam and Snuff , they are almost unrecognisable as Pratchett books. The dialogue is baggy and expository — especially in Raising Steam — and the characters have the right names but behave nothing like the people we know from the earlier books. The earlier two are more Pratchett-like, but still, it seems a shame to start a celebration of the Discworld by focusing on them. I'm really sorry, Sir Terry. I feel awful writing this.


Want to join. May contain material encouraging independent thought, tolerance and mindfulness Carpe Jugulum This is not to say that I hate the ones I listed as worst, my current top 5 - in no specific order - are: Top 5 Going Postal. Having said that.

The cowl-robed brethren specifically, and it really felt like a Discworld book that needed to be made based around the Polly Oliver trope, 17 by Terry Pratchett 4. Stephen Briggs Adaptor. The book wasn't all bad I still tbe "It's an abomination onto Nuggan" in my day to day speechthe Unique and Supreme Lodge of the Elucidated Brethren of the Ebon Night are a splendid send-up of the Masons; the prophesied king is not all he seems to be. Interesting Times Discworld.


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    I love the watch series so "guards guards" is a good shout or standalone stories like "small gods" or "pyramids" are great. Hogfather Discworld, 4 by Terry Pratchett 4. Graphic Novel. The Long Utopia with Stephen Baxter.

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