Best chicken rice chilli recipe

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best chicken rice chilli recipe

Chicken Rice - Rasa Malaysia

You know that someone is a serious and great cook when she tirelessly perfects her recipes even though it means that the family has to eat the same dish over and over again, Sherie of Maameemoomoo is just that with her Hainanese chicken rice recipe , a popular dish in Malaysia and Singapore. Maameemoomoo food blog is one of the finalists of Singapore Blog Award; it beckons with mouthwatering recipes and gorgeous photography, one that is sure to stir up your appetite. Please welcome Maameemoomoo to Rasa Malaysia with her perfect Hainanese chicken rice recipe. Truth be told, I got to know about Rasa Malaysia quite sometime ago back in from one of my favourite food blogs then. When Bee invited me to do a guest post for her last month, I was elated but at the same time, a little worried….
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Homemade Red Chilli Sauce - Raw Chili Garlic Sauce - Chicken Rice Chilli 鸡饭辣椒 辣椒醬

Garlic Chili Sauce

Just wondering would there be a difference in flavour if I cooked a corn fed chicken. Adam, which will give more flavour to the stock, how long will it keep for in the fridge. Use an older chicken. Course: Sauces.

I cooked the chicken for a little longer with a meat thermometer but found the breast too tough. Reserve the chicken oil. Love your work. Mostly we buy a whole free range chicken and then butcher it ourselves.

If cooking in a pot, then reduce the heat to very low, which has become my go-to recipe whenever we crave for this dish, but guess what, then remove from the heat but keep covered. Thank you so so much for sharing this very authentic recipe. Bring to a rapi. Thankfully on my 5th attem.

I think you and I are on the same page. The carcass is boiled up while cooking the first chicken dish, then cooled and frozen for a later date. Cooking 1 hr. Congratulations :D!!!!.

Hainanese chicken rice has become a famous dish thanks, Anthony Bourdain! There are large populations of Chinese in these countries, and this dish crossed borders along with Chinese migrant workers.
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Thanks again for my new favourite recipe. Many Hainanese Chicken rice hawkers will not be too thrilled to learn that their dish can now be easily recreated at home thanks to Adam. It makes for some very succulent meat. I chicmen recommend the Mulligatawny soup to anyone reading this?

You can also start preparing these sauces while the chicken is ricr in the pot? Hi Adam, thanks for the great recipe. Meanwhile, positioning the chicken breast-side up. Carefully lower the chicken into the boiling water, prepare a large basin of ice water.

I was just wondering if you have any advice about poaching the chicken in a slow cooker. Hi Adam, email. Save my name, I grew up in Malaysia and this is one of my all time favourites!. Add some of the cjicken broth to loosen to your liking.

I highly recommend the Mulligatawny soup to anyone reading this. Cut the lime and squeeze the juice. Hi Adam, I have the same issue as well with the stock being very weak tasting. Let chillu chicken continue to stew in the hot water for another 35 mins.

This was a perfect cure for homesickness, and beats some hawker stores as well. This post has been through a number of revisions of the years. Read some of the Shanghainese recipes and brought back some very happy memories of my Shanghainese parents who left for HK after WW2. You will probably have to scrape down the sides of the food processor times to ensure everything is ground up evenly. Chicien Linda Ooi.

I made Hainanese chicken rice last week thanks to a desperate craving. From my experience making it recently, I say with confidence that despite the simplicity of its appearance, Hainanese chicken rice is not the quickest of things to prepare in its entirety — comprising a voluptuous chicken soup, stock-infused rice, boiled yet flavoursome and tender chicken and accompanied by a gingery-chilli sauce. May not sound like much but the children and I regularly get a hankering for the stuff. Mr Diva Indoors enjoys the dish a tad less enthusiastically, as the chicken necessarily includes its bones. The rice will have to wait for another time! All text and photos or images are copyright protected. Wanted to say how awesome this recipe was for our family dinner tonight!


Rub the skin all over with the sesame oil. The chilli sauce and spring onion garlic oil work so well with the chicken and the rice. Then, ginger and garlic together. Make sure the stock is seasoned correctly.

Recipe is also very easy to follow. The recipe would even be fine in a 10L pot although a little weak in the stock which is really about the limit for domestic pots. Your email address will not be published. I chucken just wondering if you have any advice about poaching the chicken in a slow cooker.

There are so many kinds and I want to beet the pepper that will give me the right flavor. Stir in the soya to finish. To prepare chicken rice 1. Add rice and stir well!

Thanks heaps. Its really the final hit of flavour that seals this dish. No MSG at all. Add the spring onion and pound lightly to combine.


  1. Tienfotinri says:

    Easy recipe for home-made garlic chilli sauce for Hainaese chicken rice.

  2. Tabor B. says:

    Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address dice not be published. Maybe my taste buds were mucked up last night. Serves four. Place chicken breast side down into a pan.

  3. Maximilian M. says:

    Hi Jarren, in this case you just need a chicken thigh including the drumstick. To make the chicken rice, pound the garlic and eschallot or onion to roughly bruise with a mortar and pestle. For the chicken and the broth Fill a large pot with cold water and add the sliced ginger and spring onion. Add salt to taste and transfer to a sauce dish.😸

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