Best rated crock pot recipes

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best rated crock pot recipes

Best Ever Slow Cooker Dinner Recipes | The Recipe Critic

My mother, who lived in Kewanee, Illinois and graduated there in always use to talk about Maid Rites but she didn't know how to replicate them. I am so grateful that I have your recipe. Of course, I never had a Maid Rite, but I will make it in my mother's honor. She passed away about 14 years ago. Thank you.!!!!!!!!! I am happy that you will make it in your mothers honor.
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How to Make Classic Sunday Pot Roast

30 Easy Crock-Pot Meals You Can Prep in 20 Minutes or Less

Thai Butternut Squash Curry. Thanks for all you and keep up the great work!!. I will be sharing these recipes with my daughter. But without the pepper it was totally bland and really hard to eat.

Also, I highly recommend the low setting on the crockpot…it made ALL the difference, while higher-end cookers may include special features like detailed digital displays and food thermometers. Lower-end slow cookers tend to be smaller and more basic. Fancy a slow-cooked pork meal. Thanks for a great recipe.

I have a large crock and always double the recipe. What size crockpot did you use. Your email address will not be published? Just throw the meat in the slow cooker and let it do all recpies work for you?

Serve the sandwiches in buns with slaw and fries or chips on the side. Bake the tater tot casserole in the oven or cook it in the slow cooker. It is great for family gatherings. I made it with the cilantro lime rice also delicious.

Your email address will not be published. My mother, Illinois and graduated there in always use to talk about Maid Rites but she didn't know how to replicate them, but somehow those culinary adventures don't make it to her Instagram. It's the simplest supper you'll be making on repeat. She's also been known to eat a plain block of tofu or beans straight out of the can for lunch?

Do you have friends and family coming for the day or weekend. The timer offers hour programmability in minute increments and will automatically switch to a keep warm mode when the time elapses. Don't slave over a hot stove - our no-fuss Thai chicken curry is quick to prepare, then let your slow cooker do the work. Sometimes simple is best, and this slow cooker chili is an excellent example.

Over the years, the Crock-Pot has become a kitchen staple—and for good reason. It allows you to whip up easy slow cooker recipes in no time at all, which is perfect for those busy weeknights.
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More recipe ideas Cheap eats Courses Slow cooker Cheap cut see more How long do you think it would take to cook on the besst pot. So far I've made a few of your recipes and they have all been moved into permanent rotation. I can't believe how easy, tasty and healthy this recipe is. Perfect crock pot meal.

Subscribe to our newsletter. There's nothing like the slow cooker to make dinner easy , but during the week it can still be rough to get a home-cooked meal on the table. Happily, with only 20 minutes of prep required or less! Dump in your ingredients and a few hours later you'll be dining in style. Everything goes in the slow cooker except the egg noodles, which are made on the stovetop just before serving. Only a little more complicated then opening a can of the condensed stuff, this slow-cooker chicken noodle soup recipe gives you way more bang for your buck.


Another amazing recipe Gina. Now you have made it amazingly easy. I made it overnight for lunches today and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome! These simple slow cooker black-eyed peas are slow cooked to perfection with water and onions.

French Onion Chicken. Plus it is extremely easy. Beef: how to get the most from each cut.

I don't know how I managed to miss this recipe, but it crocck great. This is the best slow cooker. I finally just sort of drained each portion as I scooped it out. Slow Cooker Cola Ham.

This dish is a tasty slow cooker macaroni and cheese recipe, but it was just okay. I was really hopeful with this one per all the great reviews, made with just a few ingredients in the slow cooker or crock pot. I just made this and I wish I would have read the comments beforehand. It it much deserved.


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