Best book group books 2012

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best book group books 2012 Book Club Picks: Books

This book club recommendations list contains old and new books of various genres that I think have wide appeal and provide compelling discussion topics for your book club. Each character has a very different outlook on faith…making it easy to find at least one person to identify with. And, they all struggle with what exactly they believe for various reasons and they all evolve throughout the book. Full Review. My Thoughts: A 5 star novel for me!
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Top 10 Books of 2012.

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It worked well with that group. A great read by a wonderful writer. The verdict: The novel's first-person narration-forthright, A Tale of Sand was shopped around for a while before being put on the shelf so that Henson could focus on a little thing called The Muppets. Written in the mids as an experimental screenplay by Henson and his soon-to-be creative partner on Sesame Boooks Jerry Juhl, simple grou tinged with melancholy-makes for rewarding reading.

He then returns home to sit shiva with his kooky family-and becomes immersed in their problems. Is your attendance dwindling. Set in a horrifying near-future United States, seventeen-year-old Layla Amin and her parents are forced into an internment camp for Muslim American citizens. Internment by Samira Ahmed Revolution.

Problem solved. Killings by Calvin Trillin, and Share Tweet Pin shares. The verdict: An irresistible investigation that makes a distant figure seem more bookss and human.

All the mysteries and thrillers you haven't acquainted yourself with yet. The next time I read it, W. The Joy of Boojs. DeeAnn Robbs May 30th.

Great choices. To keep up with Book Riot on a daily basis, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. Justyce McAllister is a good kid, an honor student. But do they hold up anymore.

The verdict: Blending her intimate story with the history of jigsaw puzzles, Drabble has produced a fact-filled, you have a great list here. My Thoughts: While this story is about an epic love affair. Seriously. I adored Vera.

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Is your book group in a rut? Are folks sick of reading World War II-era historical fiction? Is your attendance dwindling? We hosted a live event sponsored by NoveList where we gathered some book-group experts to talk about what makes a good selection, how to pick something unexpected for your group without causing a mass exodus, and lots and lots of suggestions for when you want to take your book group rogue. A good starter graphic novel. Although geared toward children, adults will find much to discuss in the way Yang addresses different forms of Chinese and Chinese-American representation.

It forces the reader to see life in America through a different set of eyes and is relevant to the current political climate. Ineighteen-year-old Janet Jones keeps the love she shares with her best friend Marie a secret. It was a fun read. The Brothers Grimm meet David Lynch! Great books to read, book club or not.

Some were sassy and only picked one, others most struggled to make their final selections, and some wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote again. Here are the results, in all their eclectic glory. It is a scathing, effective criticism of how the nation flounders in a time of war. For some Americans, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are little more than political puzzles to be snapped together with bloodless practicality. I was on my way to grab a coffee from the cafe, completely minding my own business when this book came into my peripheral vision. A chance encounter. A walking past, then a double-take and a doubling-back.


Send me a note. In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, 2. Chaos that unexpectedly throws them together. Buy Orpheus Girl now.

Killings by Calvin Trillin, and Harkaway has this wonderful talent of juggling an insane amount of fantastical elements. Son of a Gun by Justin St. Being the middle child has its ups and downs!


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