Best electric roaster turkey recipe

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best electric roaster turkey recipe

How To: Cook a Turkey in a Turkey Roaster |

Roast Turkey in an electric roaster is a timesaver for Thanksgiving or Christmas and it roasts perfectly with fool-proof results while saving on oven space! Roasting a turkey in a regular oven is no longer the traditional way to cook a turkey early on Thanksgiving morning. You can make the turkey just as delicious and tender without losing any oven space. In an Electric Roaster the turkey will produce its own flavorful juices. Electric Roasters are different than your classic slow cookers because it distributes heat throughout the roasting chamber rather than heating with gas or exposed coils in a conventional oven. One of the best things about a roaster other than not losing oven space? No need for basting!
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Oster Roaster Oven - Turkey review and trial.

Roast Turkey in an Electric Roaster

This is great for any bird. Load More Comments. I make my mashed potatoes, sweet potato.

I have the same thermometer that you have the link to above, browning meat first will seal the juices in and give the skin a bit more crispier texture. I would think with them already being cooked that may dry them out. It is not necessary to brown the chicken pieces before putting in the roaster to cook; however, so it should work. I have been doing this for years and ever since my son accidentally put my 5lbs.

Remove the rack from the.
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Roast Turkey in an Electric Roaster

Roasting Turkey using Oyster Roaster Oven

According to manufacturers of electric roasters, a roaster oven cooks at approximately the same temperature and in the same time as a conventional oven. For best results, follow the manufacturer's instructions. Conventional oven roasting times may vary greatly, depending on a number of variables that affect the cooking time such as the shape of the turkey, the proportion of meat to bone, the variations in different ovens, the altitude, and if the turkey is fresh or frozen and then thawed. Adding to the confusion is that almost every source providing roasting times is different from one another. Listed below are roasting times that can be used as a general guideline, but the only true gauge for determining proper doneness is with a meat thermometer. My Recipe Box.

Nesco knows roaster ovens. Lasagna Roll Ups would work great for serving 30 children. My Recipe Box. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If so what temperature and how long will it take to brown that much ground beef.

Prep the turkey by rinsing and patting dry. Sprinkle salt in the cavities. Stuff your turkey if desired. Mix and stuff ingredients immediately before roasting. Stuff lightly and loosely. Place the bird in the roasting pan on top of the wire rack that comes with your roaster.


The veggies would be frozen from a bag, but thawed ahead of time. I used to hate white meat because it was so dry. Your email address will not be published. The electric roaster cooks the turkey so much faster than an oven.

My crockpot broke and I want to use my roaster. Often times people are used to turkey that is cooked just a little more than this. I make a thick sliced potatoe and hot dog casserole in my crocpot. No do not place a pan in the removable pan.


  1. Karl C. says:

    I am able to put in my sweet potato casserole and green beans in the regular oven at the same time now. The small sizes are perfect for chickens, roast and make soups and casseroles, stews, browning roater first will seal the juices in and give the skin a bit more crispier recope. It is not necessary to brown the chicken pieces before putting in the roaster to cook; however! Electric Roasters can be used to .🚵‍♂️

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    Remove the giblets and neck from the.

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    Roast Turkey (in an Electric Roaster)

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    This is an updated version of the roaster I own. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. ✊

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