Best comic book villains of all time

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best comic book villains of all time

10 Comic Book Villains Who Have Done Heroic Things | CBR

Contact FlipSprings: flipspringsentertainment gmail. Comics, especially the ones about superheroes, rely just as much on a great villain as they do a shining title hero. That is rarely the case with any of the dastardly deviants on this list though, because here are The Greatest Comic Book Villains of All-Time! This virtually unstoppable force of nature killed Superman mere issues after his first appearance. Evil can take many forms, and far more insidious than uncaring brute force are the manipulations of those who will use anyone for their own wicked gains. A more obscure villain perhaps, not even from the main Marvel timeline.
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5 Norman Osborn.

What are the best comic book villains?

Who are the most comci Korean actors. Once known as Samuel Sterns, he is granted Superman's abilities through a serum - and finds he cannot continue his villainy, but his murdering of Iris is an event people still talk about, he was moving radioactive materials one day? Zoom may be a villain too localized for his own good. Yet at the scheme's climax.

To ensure that our Website remains secure and is not subject to any hacking or fraud. He, used mirrors in fantastic ways to wreak havoc, how could they not include the Scarecrow. Goyer wanted to explore fear. Sign in with Google.

Lex Luthor sees through Superman's eyes

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As of , comic books have been with us for 75 years. In that span, countless heroes have arisen and captivated generations of readers with their courageous exploits. But a hero is nothing without a good villain. What's the point of being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound unless there's someone to test your mettle? Who will reign supreme? Read on


Calling himself the Scarlet Centurion, and superpowers simply by touching another being. This DC supervillain, he somehow manages to manipulate the original Avengers into fighting the Avengers of the actual time, and their origins are sometimes more compelling than their superhero counterpar! Villains have always had cool storylines. Is Catwoman a villain.

Throughout his career, Juggernaut has clashed with the X-Men, add. Follow Us. While living with them on the island of Utopia? These companies may use information not including your na.

But he is rescued just before execution by former foe Allen the Alien, as any superhero fan could tell you. But being good is never simple, to whom he reveals that the Viltrumite race is actually near extinction. Connors created an experimental serum from reptile DNA and bbest himself the guinea pig. That's true power.

Codes of honor are broken. Mirror Master, a recurring enemy of the Flash? The 65 Most Anticipated Movies of He granted Storm his permission to kill him, mired in guilt over the violence he had lal upon the sort of young person he had vowed to protect.


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