Best apple dump cake recipe

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best apple dump cake recipe

Apple Dump Cake Recipe - 4 Ingredients! | Sugar & Soul

This Apple Dump Cake has to be one of the easiest apple desserts in existence, made with just four ingredients and a couple optional garnishes! I also like adding a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar, and of course, a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream or a dollop of Homemade Whipped Cream! You can also use white or yellow cake mix instead of spice cake, but I love all that extra fall spice flavor! Dump Cakes are a really easy recipe usually consisting of just a few ingredients, generally cake mix, fruit, and butter. The idea is that the ingredients can just be dumped into the pan get it?! But the recipe is even easier than either of these if you can believe it. But no one has to know how little effort it takes to make it.
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Apple Dump Cake

Preheat oven to °. In a large bowl, toss.

3-Ingredient Apple Dump Cake

I will be making this again and again. Debbie Botha says:. You need to have the extra bowl and sling because you add water to the inner pot instapot bowl. Recipe Rating.

They are actually ridiculously easy as their name apole We also add a can of crushed pineapple with the Cherry version! Easy-to-make dessert that needs only 5 ingredients! I use Fuji apples, and the peel gets nice and soft.

Thank you, also added cinnamon for extra flavor, Thank you!!!. Another idea is to take two sticks of butter and cut them into thin patties which you put end to end, side to side over the cake mix instead of melting. My husband and I thought it was delicious and very easy to make. Used five apples instead of four.

Your email address will not be published. I truly hate peeling apples, right. Test Kitchen Team Jun 12, and it kind of takes the "easy" out of the recipe.


Do you mean you cooked the apples before adding the rest?? If so, for how long?? What kind of apples did you use?? Slimmed-Down Skillets New! Go To Video Page. Prep 10 min Total 60 min Servings


My family and I really cakw the cake. No one liked it. Comments Bonnie L Vilinsky says:. I open the can of pie filling, run a sharp knife through the apples to make them a little smaller.

I had forgotten how easy and delicious it was. Lasted one day. I wan't sure what apples would be best. Ingredients 6.


  1. Arabia R. says:

    Keep all the ingredients in your cupboard ready for unexpected company. You whip up this easy apple cake in minutes. This is one of the easy-to-make quick dessert recipes that comes from my friend, Penny, and has become a favorite of ours. But it makes a great finish after a traditional German meal. Served with a good coffee, it's a treat, for sure! 💩

  2. Krishna0708 says:

    Then, fump in the apple pie filling into your prepared baking dish. We enjoyed this delicious dessert on a blustery autumn day. Need help doing conversions between cups and grams or any such thing. Enjoy with a cup of coffee or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.👩‍🦲

  3. Irupé A. says:

    Then you are going to want to check out this easy recipe for Apple Dump Cake. How easy is that? My husband was in charge and he invited everyone over to our house for lunch. 👨‍🎤

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    Apple Pie Cake-Mix Cake Recipe -

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