Best yogurt recipe for instant pot

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best yogurt recipe for instant pot

How to Make Yogurt in an Instant Pot - Super Healthy Kids

Add one more step to make it Instant Pot Greek Yogurt. For the very best and most popular Instant Pot Yogurt recipe, look no more. This method and all these tips and findings are my unprecedented and original work from February Make sure to have a good working digital thermometer. To purchase this digital thermometer , please click here. The milk will look bubbly, which is fine. The milk is ready to incubate to become yogurt in the Instant Pot.
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3 Ingredient Instant Pot "No Boil" Yogurt - Cold Start Dump and Go Yogurt Recipe

And guess what?

How to Make Yogurt in an Instant Pot

Rwcipe 16 people. Do i have to make any adjustment in the recipes. Wonder what to do. For the timing of the cook, you saw the part were I cooked it for 10 hours.

It has live and active cultures. I use organic with raw milk. While you are sleeping, the yogurt can incubate. Thanks for your thorough instructions.

What to Eat This Week

How to Make Yogurt with Instant Pot IP-DUO electric pressure cooker

Make sure to have a good working digital thermometer! Glad you liked it. Hi Erika? Who knew that whey was so useful. Step by step directions to making Instant Pot Yogurt.

No fad diets, no crazy food restrictions, none of that works for me. I just try to incorporate a few more healthy eating choices that I love and I know I will stick with. I plan a few half marathons that I want to run for the year and maybe a few distance bike rides but nothing extreme that I know I will give up in February. I probably go through one container every two weeks. Not that expensive of a food habit for me.


This is very new to me. Is Greek yogurt ok to use. Greek Yogurt is simply yogurt made from milk and a live culture starter and then strained for at least two hours. All other button are just pre-programmed with timer and cook the same way.

Cuisine: American. So bdst to be able to customize your own yogurt. Good luck. You say use steps as in the recipe with the yogurt button.


  1. Beatsnadili says:

    I tried yogurt for the first time yesterday and it turned out very chunky and runny. When i go to the step where i set it for 10 hours, they just take some time, i have 2 options. Super simple recipes. And also maybe you did different time!💔

  2. Gioconda G. says:

    Yes, after the yogurt is incubated. Anything else to add as to the difference between yogurt and Greek yogurt. Yes it would affect it. Make my healthy pancakes.🏌️‍♀️

  3. Simone L. says:

    Free Bonus: 5 Secrets to Stress-Free Dinners

  4. Nicholas S. says:

    So great to be able to customize your own yogurt? Hello and welcome to gest. How much does this make?. If you do, please upload a pic on Instagram and tag me Livingsweetmoments or use the hashtag LivingSweet.💝

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