Best sleight of hand books

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best sleight of hand books

What Is The BEST Card Trick Book? My Top 5 Picks For

Welcome to the third and final installment in the Complete Card Magic Blueprint. This Blueprint is your fast-path to easy card tricks! Anytime you witness a performer who can demonstrate one of these moves in person, a mere demonstration of the sleight itself actually feels like real magic. When these sleights are performed properly, they seem invisible. However, when we practice them, we find invisibility to be an all but impossible goal. Instead, focus on far more important goals that are not only realistic, but actually easy in comparison. For a move like the Classic Pass to be effective, it must be silent, effortless and economical — each secret action must take less than a single moment to complete… without rushing.
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Penn and Teller Fool Us // Shin Lim

Top books to Help you progress Looking to learn more than whats covered on this site? If so then you need to take a look at some of the books that are considered to be the best out there when it comes to sleight of hand no matter if its card tricks or coin tricks that are been done. The list bellow is not a top 4 list or anything of the sort.

Magic Tricks

It always handy to have a book or two on hand for reference. The two magicians explain the basics of card magic and some of the techniques required to sleigyt off most of the tricks that involve a deck of cards. Mark Wilson introduces us to the world of magic through his book that is like a course. If you are ever looking to perform magic on a stage Maximum Entertainment is the book to read.

Not only are they FULL of creative and fun magic but they are written in a very entertaining way, Paul Harris, deck ordering and stealing. These techniques include jogging. The secret lies in being able to perform and work an audience. But - "not on habd of hand".

General sleight of hand, or sleight of hand with specific objects? General - Now You See It, Now You Don't - Bob Tarr Cards - Card College.
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So here they are, 10 Magic Books Every Magician Should Read.

Best Magic Books - Top 10 Card Magic Books

Now everyone can learn magic secrets, and even try to do magic as a hobby and even as a profession. While there are tons of materials that teach magic from DVDs to online tutorials, Youtube videos, and also a personal tutor, nothing beats learning through books. The Complete Course in Magic teaches beginner level to expert level tricks with instructions that are easy to follow and will surely amaze your audience. It also comes with several pieces of advice on how to plan and stage professional-quality magic performances. Authored by the renowned magician, Mark Wilson, the book has over tricks that teach you the techniques that magicians have used to wow the world for centuries. The book is also well-written in plain English that can be understood even by grade-schoolers.


Leipzig used about 4 or 5. While this book is primarily for beginners, the author has also included several adept-level magic tricks. These illustrations are quite helpful, especially when the trick becomes more complicated or requires several elements to complete. More informed scholars would have little difficulty in identifying a single work of Vernon's magic.

When he was just 16 years of hanv, Jay took the 1st place at the Olympics of magic - the World Magic Seminar. No matter what kind of trick that you want to pull off with coins once you have this book its a pretty safe bet that you will be able to carry it out using some techniques covered by Bobo. You do not learn this in a book of tricks. The cover of this book shows the picture of the author.


  1. Ranger R. says:

    Posted: Jul 16, am. Heres a little question id like to ask you all, now I know this is going to cause disagrements. 🤨

  2. Omer P. says:

    What Darwin Ortiz sleigh done herebut easier second deal is very important, weighs 2-pounds and is the size of a regular bond paper. I have to be frank and say there is something bothering me about Simon. The book is pages long. I really do think that Close up Card Magic should be in the top 3.

  3. Odelette P. says:

    As mentioned, these are not the ONLY 10 magic books that every magician should read as knowledge is paramount. Within the list, we will identify the books as either trick related or theory related. Do not pass up on the theory books, when you have learned enough tricks, and you will, you may already know too many! You do not learn this in a book of tricks. 👩‍👩‍👧

  4. Noelia J. says:

    If you want to take your card magic to the next level , you NEED one of these books. Difficulty: Beginner although children may need help. It is an easy to understand book that walks you through classic tricks and sleights. This book was published originally in ! The important thing is that the actual card tricks and techniques taught are JUST as relevant and useful now as back in 🤑

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    The Magic Cafe Forums - The most important books on sleight of hand with cards

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