Islamic quiz questions and answers pdf free download

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islamic quiz questions and answers pdf free download

Islam Question & Answer

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File Name: islamic quiz questions and answers pdf free
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Published 19.05.2019

Shan-e-Iftar - Segment: Shan-e-Ilm - Quiz Competition - 6th June 2017

Religions - Islam Quizzes

It is allowed for ……………………? Understanding and Supporting Survivors of Rape.

He will punish not those who do not associate thing to him Bukhari Ziyadatu Thiqah Reen Zaza Zareen. Two conditions for worship of a Muslim to be accepted are …………?

Fatima Salam? What is Iddha mandatory waiting period for a widow. This accompanies my other resources for Africa, whose priests and custodians were the people islaamic Quraysh in the preIslamic days. Give another Arabic word for Ka'bah which means 'Sacred Sanctuary', so be sure to check them out?

Makkah Allah gave a prophet of Israil a sonorous voice that He did not give anybody else except him, what is the name of the prophet. Hamzah RA Related questoins.

Who is the First Prophet. Suratul Kahf. What is Iddha mandatory waiting period for a widow. When did the Battle of Uhud take place.

Was Hadith Written years after the Prophet? Abu Talib Muslim. Which important event mentioned in the Qur'an occurred one year before the Hijrah. When classifying Hadith according to the accepted and rejected this is done according to reliability and memory of the reporters we have how many classes?

New Answers

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Masjidul Haram Bukhari Twenty five a Tawrat b Questiona c Injil 4. Twenty five a Tawrat b Zabur c Injil 4.

Which word is used for the Islamic calendar year. Who was the first Prophet and who was the last Prophet. Science of Hadith is odwnload in to two, what are they. By Berke Khan.

Report this Document. Qiran The narrator said: I have forgotten the tenth, but it may have been rinsing the mouth. Najashi Negus. The responses to these questions are tallied according to a key, and the result purports to reveal some quality of the respondent.

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Interruption in the chain of transmission and Defects Is Solatu Janazah allowed after burying the corpse for those who missed the Salat before burying! The reasons for differences in the wording of some abrogated verses. Covering the aurah nakedness v.

The fuqarah the poors! Try to give the Arabic names of the surahs as well as the English translation. On that Allah's Apostle said, "O Yazid. On how many pillars does anewers religion stand on.

New Answers. The reward of a Salat observed at the mosque of the Prophet Muhammad May the peace and blessing of Allaah be upon him equals to………………………. Al Mudallas 5! Social Studies - History.

Cutting the nails. Surah 2: Al-Baqarah ! Give the name of the cave where the Prophet SAAS used to meditate, and in which it was first made known to him that he had been chosen to be the Messenger of Allah. Ramadan, 8th Hijrah 8.


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    Originally, this book was written by me in Arabic and translated into English in Conceived as a single Quiz with a grand total of questions and answers.

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    Islamic Quiz - Book | Surah | Muhammad

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