Immunology exam questions and answers pdf

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immunology exam questions and answers pdf

Multiple Choice Questions on Basic Immunology Concepts - Learn Microbiology Online

Immunity is highly specific: an individual who recovers from measles is protected against the measles virus but not against other common viruses such as cold, chicken- pox or mumps. Normally, many of the responses of the immune system initiate the destruction and elimination of invading organisms and any toxic molecules produced by them. Because these immune reactions are destructive in nature, it becomes necessary that they be made in response only to molecules that are foreign to the host and not to those of the host itself. This ability to distinguish foreign molecules from self molecules is another fundamental feature of the immune system. Almost any macromolecule e. Some eminent scientists and their contributions to the field of immunology starting from thucididas of the time before Christ up to the late 20 th century Immunologists.
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Immunology multiple choice questions,prometric exam

Activation of natural killers involved in innate immunity B. Binding and identification of consequences of the future cooperation x C.


He also found out that Immunity could be transferred from mother to offspring. Variola virus through rabbit and calf. MBL path Biological Sciences: Definition, History and Objectives.

What is your conclusion. V gene for lambda chain and C gene for kappa chain B. Immunology MCQs. It is a malignant tumor b.

Do you think you know all there is to know about immunology?
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So, which one of the following is NOT needed, small pox. X-linked hypogammaglobulinemia C. Which of following are cytochrome P enzyme inhibitors Select all correct answers a. These antibodies last for few weeks and protect infants from di.

Which category of hypersensitivity BEST describes hemolytic disease of the newborn caused by Rh incompatibility? A child stung by a bee experiences respiratory distress within minutes and lapses into unconsciousness. This reaction is probably mediated by. A patient with rheumatic fever develops a sore throat from which beta-hemolytic streptococci are cultured. The patient is started on treatment with penicillin, and the sore throat resolves within several days. However, 7 days after initiation of penicillin therapy the patient develops a fever of F, a generalized rash, and proteinuria.


Detection o acute phase inflamation in serum of patient is to detect A. Explanation of Question Because the donor AB spleen cells will not see any foreign antigen in the recipient, answer C is incorrect. Popular in Animal Diseases. Peter J.

Andwers eminent scientists and their contributions to the field of immunology starting from thucididas of the time before Christ up to the late 20 th century Immunologists. B:- Organisms are killed by heat or phenol without changing the antigenic structure of bacteria e. Almost any macromolecule e. C3 convertase and properdine C.


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