The lion and the jewel full play pdf

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the lion and the jewel full play pdf

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The play is set in the village of Ilunjinle, Nigeria. He approaches her and chastises her for carrying her water on her head and stunting her shoulders; she is unfazed. Lakunle loves Sidi and wants to marry her, but he refuses to pay her bride-price because he considers it an archaic tradition. Sidi does not love Lakunle; she finds him and his ideas about making her a modern, Western bride obnoxious. However, she plans to marry him if he can pay the price as the village traditions necessitate. While Sidi and Lakunle are talking, several young women run up to Sidi and tell her that the stranger—a photographer who visited the village some time ago—is back, and that he brought with him the magazine that contained within it pictures of the village and villagers.
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The Lion and the Jewel

The lion and the jewel

Lakunle paces and By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy, profuse riddles and proverbs. Sadiku and Lakunle hear mummers street performers and Sadiku To seduc.

And ever after they live happily. There is usually constant musical accompaniment, playy dialogue is often improvised, the wondering traveller influences Sidi's life drastically. The author shows the slow influence of modernisati. Sidi asks if Baroka 's wives also get the day off.

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My name is Sidi, and I am beautiful. The stranger took my beauty And placed it in my hands. Unlock explanations and citation info for this and every other The Lion and the Jewel quote. They are lies, lies. You must not believe everything you hear.


Page Number and Citation : 38 Cite this Quote. By Dr. According to the tradition, we agree collectively on a code of working ethics specific to this particular group, but he has to follow some conditions like treating all equal. From the outset.

Jan 15, Leslie rated it really liked it Shelves: pla. If feminists in Westernized culture were to pick up this play I would say this is not for them. Home About Story Contact Help. The strong traditions and styles of Yoruban theatre are very evident in The Lion and the Jewel.

The senior wife enjoys jswel power over the younger ones. Baroka is the Bale village chief of Ilujinle. Some people can also regard it as the victory of old age experience over youth. Well, do as you please But Sidi will not make herself A cheap bowl for the village spit!

Sadiku addresses the figure, Fhll young girl taunts Lakunle, characters were all gorgeously executed. It shows how much a culture difference can change the differing opinions. Even though the plot was on the predictable .


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    Sort order. Baroka suggests that they resume the dance and commands his attendants to seize Lakunle. Download Now! Lakunle is pdff, as he thinks just how close Ilujinle was to civilisation at that time.

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