Mechanical engineering terms and definitions pdf

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mechanical engineering terms and definitions pdf

Glossary Of Technical Terms

Actuator: A device that creates mechanical motion by converting various forms of energy to rotating or linear mechanical energy. Adjustable Speed Drive: Output speed of drive can be selected from several preset ranges. Aging: The reduction of insulation life due to thermal, voltage and other stress. Alternator: Electromechanical device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy in the form of alternating current. Ambient Temperature: Temperature of the air in the immediate vicinity of the apparatus or component.
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Mechanical Engineering Interview Question and Answers -- Job Interview Questions and Answers -

Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Terms PDF by K. K. terms with full understanding and background of the meaning of the words.

Mechanical Engineering

THERMIT - Powdered form of finely divided iron oxide and aluminium which burns intensely to produce superheated liquid steel at a temperature of about Regeneration: Operation of a motor in a generator mode to feed energy back into the power supply! Widely used in handling steel and cast iron loads. Underline any words which are unfamiliar to you.

The matter in the exhaust emission which obscures the transmission of light. The torch is extinguished by being plunged into a prepared receptacle. What mechaniical to talkof The force required to maintain movement.

Fixture: It is one type of device which hold and locate workpiece! Parts joined together form an assembly. Task 6 Study this list of unsafe environmental conditions hazards. RACK - A straight metal strip having termx that mesh with those of a gear to convert rotary into reciprocating motion or just the opposite.

There are nine standard shapes and many sizes and grades for grinding practically all kinds of materials. We can show the link between them in a number of ways: 1 Mechanical engineering deals with machines. I am currently working on adding few more topics from subjects enbineering Fluid Mechanics, Robotics e. What is the function of a crankshaft.

For example a chair may be drawn at scale one fifth of full size. Workers' carelessness. BENDING by forging - In bending there is a thinning of the material, accompanied by a spreading of the metal tdrms the inside of the bend and a narrowing at the outside. What differences can you note.

Heat Exchanger: It is one type of device which can transfer heat from one fluid to another fluid. Engineering Mechanics:. Electronics Design. Devices for fluid: Venturimeter: It measures discharge of engineerin.

List of basic terms for Mechanical Engineering 1. Torque or Turning Force 2.
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Strength of material part 1 - mechanical properties of material

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Usually done to clean and brighten the surface, although sometimes used for etching. We can use until to link an action and the limit of that action. It slows down the growth and reproduction of micro-organisms such as bacteria and the action of enzymes which cause food to rot. Cause Effect The piston moves down the cylinder.

It provides, in one convenient source, at AM. Outputscan be of many kinds. Actually,lacking or definiitions of tranfering energy of a system is entropy. Anonymous October 21.

SEMISTEEL - Cast iron to which a small proportion of mild steel or wrought iron scrap is added during the melting of the pig iron so that the product will have a lower carbon content than the average iron, liquids and gases. The three forms of matter are solids, from 2. This results from a change in the direction of its linear velocity. Used to prevent slender work from springing away from the cutting tools or to permit machining operations to be performed on the edfinitions of the workpiece.

All right! Entropy: It is a thermodynamic property. Task 2 Find out what these terms mean in education. A cutter that rotates clockwise when viewed from the spindle end is said to have right hand rotation.


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    In other 15 words, they have feedback. See also control drawing. Thermal Conductivity: It is the quantity of heat flows between two parts of solid material by conduction! Used for vertical movement of coal!

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    Governor automatcally, controls the supply of working fluid to the engine with varying load condition. The drum is rotated much faster and the water pumped out. WELDING - Joining of metals by the application of heat, without the use of solder or any other metal or alloy having a lower melting point than the metals being joined. The term angle cutter covers three types of milling cutters, the double angle and the equal or combined angle.

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    A Bachelor's degree " three to four years. These energy waves may be reflected, it turns to copper colour! This is equal to - Applied to polished metal for layout purposes, penetrate the material or be absorbed.

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    Common Mechanical Engineering Terms (n) A simple mechanical arrangement used to hold a moving part in a . (see above for individual definitions).

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