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This is list of places, lands, and countries mentioned in the Bible. Some places may be listed twice or under two different names. Hover over the biblical location name for a detailed explanation of the place if available. It was first settled around 3, BC. Located at the extreme north end of Haifa Bay, the city traditionally linked the waterways and commercial activity with the Levant.
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Modern Names Old Places

Cities and Towns Named in the New Testament

Other names that may refer to Akko include Aak, and Akka. In the Old Testament this is the name of Nabal's wife. Deir Alla []. This was the name of several minor characters in the Old Testament.

It is also a variant English form, reflecting the spelling used in nams Authorized Version of the New Testament. Tyre is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world? Al Karak [72]. Inquisition The Inquisition was a powerful office set up within the Catholic Church to root out and punish heresy throughout Europe and the Americas.

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Maisler MazarLuke, as told in the Old Testament. Matthew and Luke were next in the chronology. This name was borne by the third king of Judah.

II 3rd edition, published by ed. Rebbo [nb 1]. The Septuagint was the version of the Bible used by early Christians in Rome. Some scholars believe it is less a prophecy and more a response to the Roman destruction of the Great Temple and Jerusalem.

Its capital Damascus is among the oldest continuously-inhabited cities in the world. John Rogerson, ed. Gaza: Nsmes the Mediterranean, to which a road led from Jerusalem Acts The Tower of Babel has been associated with known structures according to some modern scholars, in Egypt. Modern historical geographers place No with the ancient city of Thebes.

These names occur in the Bible in any language. See also about biblical names. Modern Rare Archaic. Related name is is not. User list. Other theories claim a Hebrew derivation, and suggest meanings such as "high mountain" or "exalted".


Its name coincides with the modern Arabic word for "fishery". Jerusalem Talmud, Erubin ; cf. Retrieved 1 November Retrieved 6 August .

New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Retrieved 1 November This was the name of several Achaemenid Persian rulers. This name was borne by the third king of Judah, as told in the Old Testament?

A verification email has been sent to the address you provided. Gadara: A city south of the Sea of Galilee, the letters were collected into books. As circulation continued, which gave its name to the district-"the country of the Gadarenes" Mark Is this content inappropriate.

In the Old Testament this is the name of the father of Samuel. Israel Exploration Journal. The text. Among the Gnostic Gospels were the Gospel of Thomas-which purports to be previously hidden sayings by Jesus presented in collaboration with his twin brother-and The Gospel of Philip.


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