Wounds scars and gouges book

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wounds scars and gouges book

He Showed Them His Wounds | Reformed Worship

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Easy Special Effects Wound tutorial - CRC Makeup

Gouges and Gashes: Horse Wounds

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He Showed Them His Wounds

They are the signs no horse owner wants to see: trails of blood across stall or pasture, clumps of hair caught on a wire or nail, dangling skin flaps, unexpected lamenesses, or swollen body parts. Yet horses and wounds seem to find each other with distressing regularity. Wound outcome correlates with management approach, even from the beginning, so understanding wound types and the wound healing process and pursuing proper treatment are central to optimal healing. Wound Types Though wounds can, and do, occur on any part of the equine integument covering —skin, cornea, or hoof—this article will cover only wounds to the skin and underlying tissues. Abrasions are partial thickness wounds think road rash or a scraped knee. They can be large and become quite contaminated, but they do not fully penetrate all the layers of skin.


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