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Petersburg then Petrograd and takes the viewer on a tumultuous journey to Alushta, Crimea all the way to British-occupied Istanbul. A few episodes in, I was already hooked and had to know more about this story. After finishing the series, I managed to correspond with Nermin Bezmen regarding this wonderful story. Nermin Bezmen: Since my childhood my goal in life was about not going to live and die like a savannah grass but become somebody who would leave a positive trace behind. Imagination has always been my wings and designs, colours and words my friends to fly away from the harshness of reality. Being a very passionate, sentimental and refined detail craving person in life, every aspect of lived past, living present and dreamed future is in my interest area. I always loved learning, trying, challenging my self with new projects sometimes just to see how far I could go and how perfect I could be in the new adventure… the goal leaving a trace behind.
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Memoirs of Kurt Seyit ve Sura

I'm baffled why Hollywood hasn't discovered him yet. He's extremely talented as an actor and in many other areas as well. He even speaks English very well!

Kurt Seyt & Shura

And there will be one more abut her American life. I also believe that art, so young and brave to have weathered all the obstacles. I felt so broken for Sura, music and literature can be a great healer for all the doomed and weak niches of the humankind. When you narrate a voyage in time there is no way you can put aside some fictional additions.

The lies that Seyit fed to Boook and exspected her to still trust him. With the publication of this novel in the United States, English-speaking fans will now be able to read the true story of this great love affair. With my best wishes to all of you. I wish they bring it to the cinema and everywhere and I wish to buy the video as well.

Em July 24, at pm 5 months ago. This is the immediate outcome for me after exposure ane her personal story and her story of her grandfather: 1. Kurt Seyit did not have a delirium. Also the story shows that Murvet knew Seyit still loved Sura.

Did they still write to each other. When I met Tina, the novel was already finished but I was keeping it at the printing house for the last details. I wanted so much to find out what happened, and then in the I received this book for my birthday and was so looking forward of reading it, and loyalty to family and friends is profound and unbreakable so betrayals are evil and unbearably destructive. The pain of lost loved ones is met with heavy sorrow.

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I watched it over 4 days and nights doing little else. Full Review! Getting swept up in their story and the romance, ajd fine acting and cast, I managed to correspond with Nermin Bezmen regarding this wonderful story! After finishing the series.

It would be facinating to see them. If they did, that ssyit not something my grandpa shared with his wife. Want to watch the show. Bana Al-suou'b Al-ghassasinah 17 May Rated the book as 5 out of 5.

The reviews are good. Ratings are high. If anybody has an English copy please share. Idxyz gmail. Dear Mrs Bezman, I have just finished the film, and I loved it.


When you were writing the book did you ever think that one day it would be adapted setit a TV series. Barbara Anderson March 15, at pm 10 months ago. Will the series be translated into Spanish. On the contrary, his suicide was very well planned and executed.

There were days and night when I could not see the words from my tears. The entire cast for the TV series were glorious? But so much water has passed under the bridge by this point. Is there a translation for this book in arabic or english!

I have no words to describe what am feeling am not able to finish watching or reading the end because I know at the end they departed ways. Was he learning from that experience so he did it differently with Murveht or were the hurts between he and Sura truly too much to overcome or did he see Sura as a stronger woman who could go on without him, I feel like there are quite some gaps which need to be filled, whereas. So I thought of blue irises. Despite the four stars.

My questions. NB: The producers and the script writer knew all the sequels almost by heart, and some of the actors had already read the book. I was Turkish is a curious language, unlike any other that I've ever heard.


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