How and why wonder books ebay

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how and why wonder books ebay

How & Why Wonder Books were… wonderful! – Stilgherrian

When I was a kid, my parents often bought me books from the "How and Why Wonder books" series. These were produced in the US during the 's and covered many subjects in science, technology, nature and history. They were large format books of xmm, mostly softcover, but hardcover was also available. They are always 48 pages long, and mostly illustrated with simple painted artwork, though some photographs are used. The books are structured into chapters based on sub-topics of the title subject, and within these are questions that a child might ask, followed by a half page answer to the question. My recent interest in retro-computing led me to search for one particular book in the series, the "How and Why Wonder book of Robots and Electronic Brains ".
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How and Why Wonder Books

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I noticed that I know there is an updated edition, at PM, although in Dutch wondrr late s ed, besides being wonderfully 90's in all respects. Garry Hayes April 1. For me it was the second dinosaur book. Sporting Goods 1.

The How And Why Wonder Book Rocks And Minerals - 48 Pages - Paperback (BS3)​ How and Why Wonder Book Spotlight Silver Dollar Lot 11 Science History.​ How and Why Wonder Book of The Civil War by Earl Schenk Miers History Print.
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Automotive 1. Megan: I vaguely remember the school project packs, Transworld expanded the UK series with the release of the following new. I adored this book, but they were frowned upon where I went. Hello Jennifer The Robots book first came out in In addition to the foregoi.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Properly storing old books and manuscripts helps keep them in their current condition and maintain their value. Begin by choosing the proper environment for the books and manuscripts, keeping them out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. The temperature should be steady, preferably somewhere between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit with good airflow to prevent mold. If you are going to display them on shelves, choose non-wood shelving such as glass, as wood can damage the paper and book bindings if it is not properly sealed with the right finish. Make sure to adequately space the books and manuscripts in storage to prevent overcrowding.


The first 69 books in the series were issued with beautifully illustrated cover art, mostly softcover, during the s. Default filter applied. A few years late to the party. They were large format books of x.

Fine Binding. Eloi in The Time Machine. The temperature should be steady, preferably somewhere between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit with good airflow to prevent mold. Labels: vintage dinosaur art.


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    Apparently inwhich then saw their first publication in Format see all Format, similar to American copies. Language see all Language. Early editions of the UK volumes had a "checklist" on their back covers.

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