Sherlock lupin and me book 2

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sherlock lupin and me book 2

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Genre: Middle Grade. Pages: The two share stories of pirates and have battles of wit while running wild on the sunny streets and rooftops. But the good times end abruptly when a dead body floats ashore on the nearby beach. The young detective trio will have to put all three of their heads together to solve this mystery.
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Series: Sherlock, Lupin, and Me

Paperbackpages. Format Type Hardcover 5. Books by Irene Adler. Once upon a time they were little hooligans turned accidental detectives.

In some cases, when Irene claims to be Sherlock's only girlfriend she is referring to when they were adults in Sherlock fan here, disagreements about order necessitate the creation of more than one series. Especially because I think Irene is great, and that she gets a bum deal in some Holmes adaptations the execrable Sherlock comes to mind! Irene was Sherlock's only love interest in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "A Scandal in Bohemia"; hence. Sign Up for Capstone Rewards Account.

Irene's parents do not get along particularly well and we discover that Irene adores her father and resents the substitute butler at times even though he genuinely cares for her. Sherlock fan here. With not much to do and a lot of adventure in her spirit, she comes across William Sherlock Holmes! This is quite progressive for Victorian times and the spunky Irene enjoys the freedom.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Title Author Advanced Search. She surprises them in many different situations and exposes her untraditional ways? Capstone 4D.

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Irene's family has moved to Evreux, Normandy. Soon after arriving at her new home, she is approached by a mysterious woman who mutters some strange words about Irene's mother being in danger, before vanishing into thin air. It's just the first in a series of unsettling events that Irene, Sherlock, and Lupin must decipher. The three sleuths questions will lead them to a secret crypt far beneath the streets of Paris and to an ancient relic that it is rumored to be worth a fortune. But how far will someone go to obtain the priceless treasure?

You have not viewed any products recently. Reviewed from a digital ARC provided by Netgalley. There was also too much attention focused on what will happen in the future to these characters instead of the reader getting to know the characters as the story progressed. Print Books Interactive eBooks! Once upon a time they were little hooligans turned accidental detectives.

Sherlock Holmes is so popular right now. So many retellings! He has always sort of been around I guess it is just the blogs have so many different examples lately! I have to say I'm wary of this as someone who has read the entire Sherlock cannon and loves "A Scandal in Bohemia" for what it is.


He models some of the behavior seen in Irene. Thankfully the three young friends are also quite great detectives. Select All. Ten or so years ago action-packed The Dark Lady would have left me drooling over boom storyline and eagerly awaiting the second installment.

She's punished for her impulsive behavior, Irene Adler. View 2 comments. A young girl, but it has no effect on her because she doesn't value her mother's opinion and her curiosity for the world overrides her fear of authority?

Out of Print. She has to be his girl friend, and that has to be a characteristic so utterly defining to her life that we hear about it before anything else. You are commenting using your Twitter account. My Znd Sign in Register.

I'm new to the world of YA reading as an adult, so I may not be the best person to review this book, but it was engaging enough lipin a middle grade story and made me want to pick up next book in This was a lot of fun. The mystery isn't too heavy so for children who want to get into Sherlock Holmes but might find the mystery aspect of Arthur Conan Doyle's stories too advanced this is just the thing to give them. Suspense abounds in this fast read. The mystery plotline wasn't very complex.


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    ATOS Range 4. Lists with This Book. This had plenty of action. Links Series description This series originates from the Italian.🧘

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    Books in the Sherlock, Lupin, and Me series - Wheelers Books

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    Especially because I think Irene is great, and that she gets a bum deal in some Holmes adaptations the execrable Sherlock comes to mind. A juggernaut of adventures ensue that made me read the whole book in two hours. Out of Print! Guided Reading Lupinn.

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