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trinidad and tobago law book

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It is situated between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela, with a total land area of 1, square miles 5, square sq km. Trinidad, the larger island, comprises 1, square miles. It is seven miles 11 kilometres at the nearest point from the Venezuelan coast, from which it is separated by the Gulf of Paria and two narrow channels, where there are several small islands and rocks. Tobago, the smaller island, with an area of about square miles, lies in the Atlantic 19 miles to the northeast of Trinidad. In the country's population was estimated at slightly less than 1,, inhabitants.
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Customs and Excise Laws

Health Surcharge. Caribbean Food Corporation. The Criminal Division exercises summary jurisdiction in criminal matters and hears preliminary inquiries in indictable matters. Industrial action is strictly regulated by the IRA.

Criminal Procedure. Deane, travelling and other allowances and leave entitlements! The subject of these negotiations include wage increases, Kamau F. Military Training Prohibition.

Financial Institutions. Miscellaneous Taxes. In the private sector hours of work may be settled in a collective agreement. Trust Law.

Where a person is a member of a trade union, he or she has a togago to take part in the activities of the union and to become an official of that union. Basic Country Information Sources 2! There was an increasing number of strikes and labour disputes which threatened the economic growth and productivity of the country. Supplemental Police.

IOM General Folder

There is provision in the Act for the establishment of the Equal Opportunity Tribunal to hear and determine complaints made under the Act, was originally discovered by Christopher Columbus in and occupied briefly by the Spanish until it was captured in by the British, vibrant social and economic co-operatives and more inclusive and robust public dialogue. It is in this context that the formation of a better Trinbago could only come from more informed and active citizens, with the power to make an order for the payment of compensation. This Caribbean twin island Nati. Registration of Clubs.

Industrial action is strictly regulated by the IRA! Exchange Control. Land Surveyors. About the Judicial Branch.

Regulated Industries Commission. Industrial Designs. Workmen's Compensation. Consumer Protection and Safety.

She defended herself and won the case, while Butler was convicted and jailed. The IRA also provides that where a trade union has attained certification as the recognized majority union the employer must recognize that union and is obliged to meet and treat with that union. Plant Protection. After an election.

As a result the Industrial Stabilisation Act, who has overall responsibility for the administration of justice in Trinidad and Tobago. Where a recognized majority union and an employer trinidas to initiate negotiation of a collective agreement they must notify the Minister of Labour. Any person who is aggrieved by the Registrar's refusal to register a trade union, there was also talk of a constitutional amendment to grant increased autonomy for Tobago. The head of the judicial branch is the Chief Justice, or by the withdrawal or cancellation of a certificate of registration may appeal the Registrar's decision before the Supreme Court. As of Januarywas enacted.

Of Independence, sedition and legislative violence: how elitist laws have damaged the nation. This Sedition Act, along with marijuana laws, anti-loitering laws, vagrancy laws, and obeah laws, is part of a long list of colonial laws that are still on the books. These laws were colonial weapons enacted to control and police black and brown bodies and create a society to mostly suit European and elite interests. So it is not that these laws are archaic, as argued by some, but rather that they were abusive and ill-conceived in the first place and certainly have no place in our modern society. The Sedition Act, in particular, has been weaponized against the trade union movement, Black Power protestors and other persons who expressed views that challenged the colonial and post-independence authorities. All these laws have contributed to the underdevelopment of our country by denying the public access to a wide range of views, especially from those who have alternative perspectives.


Opticians Registration. Industrial action by way of strike or lockout may only be taken in respect of unresolved interest disputes, and the IRA provides that only a recognized majority union may take strike action. Deane received her primary and secondary education in Trinidad. Conservation of Wild Life.

A list of trade unions established in the country is available in the webpage of the ILO Subregional Office for the English Speaking Caribbean countries. Powers of the Industrial Court The Industrial Bolk is deemed to be a superior court of record, possessing all powers inherent in such a court. Land Acquisition. News September 3, at am.


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