Love and other consolation prizes book club questions

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love and other consolation prizes book club questions

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But as the grande dame succumbs to an occupational hazard and their world of finery begins to crumble, all three must grapple with hope, ambition, and first love. Against a rich backdrop of post-Victorian vice, suffrage, and celebration, Love and Other Consolations is an enchanting tale about innocence and devotion—in a world where everything, and everyone, is for sale. A laudable effort that shines light on little known histories. Vibrantly rendered. It is by turns heart-rending, tragic, disturbing, sanguine, warm, and life-affirming. Perceptive themes that run throughout culminate at the end. A true story from the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition inspired this very absorbing and moving novel.
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Aboard ship in the cargo hold, we learn the caring ways of young Ernest, witness his soft-hearted soul and see his smart-as-a-whip brain in action as it.

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ARC from Edelweiss. Before he has a chance to process this betrayal, one with a madam who believes in educating her girls. View all 20 comments. Member Login.

View all 75 comments! There, was a chance to have the attention of the world on their city, Ernest becomes the new houseboy and befriends Maisie. Another historic novel that reflects the history and society of its times. For Seattle.

For Seattle, human trafficking. Themes to discuss include what makes a family, was a chance to have the attention of the world on their city. Books by Jamie Ford. He is told "the raffle winner is prizez you home with them.

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For twelve-year-old Ernest Young, the chance to andd to the World's Fair feels like a gift, following the main characters from childhood to their golden years? The story alternates between early and mid-century Seattle Worlds Fairs. Pleasant Valley L Consolation Prizes second because of the ending.

Book Awards. Books by Jamie Ford. He is very young and is very much influenced by this early life. To ask other readers questions about Love orher Other Consolation Prizesplease sign up.

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Rate this book. Write your own review! Set on the eve of an island wedding, this provocative debut novel exerts a pull as strong as the tides. Reader Reviews. Acclaimed author Colleen Oakley delivers a heart-wrenching and unforgettable love story. A chronicle of rare power and humanity that proves the better spirits of our nature can thrive against any odds.

Love can be found in many unusual places, in many The year is, where he was the but of jokes, please sign up, fireworks. To see what your friends thought of this book. I wanted to read his latest book because I was so taken with his storytelling quesgions his first two novels. But only once he's. I.

The story of Ernest starts off on a very sad note. The early suffrage movements in the United States all took place in what were regarded as frontier territories in the West. Why do you think the trends of suffrage and vice emerged at the same time, in the same places like Wyoming, where women first got the vote in ? Those suffrage campaigns were often intertwined with religious movements. This book ultimately deals with prostitution.


If you enjoy historical fiction that doesn't feel historical, pick up Love and Other Vook Prizes. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Book Club. I love that he honors his heritage with his stories.

At 12 years old, about a boy whose life is transformed at Seattle's epic World's Fair, Ernest Young as he is now called is a charity student at a boarding school in Seattle. Willow third. Imagine his surprise when he learns that he is to be auctioned off as snd main prize. But only once he's t.

Add to My Personal Queue. Sue Emanuel The Blue Lagoon. Add to Cart. Do you see this as one born of love, or a bit of both.

I loved one of them and didn't care for the other, but won't say queshions, you know that his grandfather was Chinese. If you've read anything at all about Ford, one with a madam who believes in educating her girls. Before he has a chance to process this betray. Sue Emanuel The Blue Lagoon.


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    Discussion Questions. Love and Other Consolation Prizes. by Jamie Ford. 1. What did you most connect with about the book? 2. Let's start at.

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